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ANSYS: What are vibrating feeder's boundary conditions?

  1. Apr 26, 2015 #1
    I have created such vibrating feeder model on SW but on ANSYS I'm only analyzing the frame.
    1)How do I set up boundary conditions, I think I need elastic supports?
    2)In modal analysis I have elastic, fixed supports, remote displacement - which should I use and in what directions?
    3)Do I perform modal analysis with the screens or without?
    4)Is there any way to input frequency parameters and find out fatigue?
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    Hi Butters,

    I would love to help you.
    But I don't understand your model. Can you upload more links or videos on what exactly is your "feeder"
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    RKD89, really the model is not that complicated. It consists of a simple through frame which is supported by 6 leaf springs at the bottom. Inside the through we have 4 waved plates (for transferred material alignment) which are fixed by the sides to the walls of the frame. The serrated plates are positioned in a way that each one is lower than the previous one creating down sloping steps.

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