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Conjecture and dangling prospects

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    I know I've commented before about some of the amazing things that my co-workers have come up with like "Is Germany its own country?"

    The guy that believes dinosaurs are faked by Darwinists because "you can make anything you want out of a pile of bones", was talking about the tv show "Are you smarter than a 5th grader?'. He was commenting on how difficult the questions on math and especially English are, like "conjecture, you know, like sentences, and dangling prospects". :bugeye:

    I am SO glad that I sit on the other side where they can't see my face when they talk about these things.

    I must admit I'm privy to some of the most fascinating conversations I've ever heard. :tongue:
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    :rofl: You should ask him how he explains the skulls!
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    Haven't you noticed that the skulls are glued together out of many small parts? Obviously faked.
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    Perhaps they don't believe in English either. You can make anything you want out of a pile of words.
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    You're lucky that you have such great coworkers who make you laugh all the time!:biggrin:
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    I used to work for the most pompous ass on the planet, and he used the largest words he could whenever he could. One of his favorites is "subsequently" - the sad part is that he always used it as if it meant "consequently" or "therefor". When he would give me and my assistant tapes of dictated product descriptions, we would have to re-write and re-phrase everything. In describing an antique chest of drawers, he once dictated "...the frontis is elaborated with incredulous coluuuums." (that's how he pronounces columns, BTW). He could have said "the front of the chest is decorated with elaborately-carved columns", but clarity is not this guy's strong suit. He is the product of the University of Maine's School of partying - er, I mean Education. Yep! He taught History in a local high school.
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    You're tougher than I am! :biggrin: I couldn't take that kind of prolonged psychological torture.
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