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Consequence of light pointing towards a blackhole

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    hi guys, i have an elementary question about the blackhole..recently i have read in a science magazine that even the lights from other stars can not reach to the blackhole ( event horizon) rather bends in other direction due to its gravitational force..now my question is if i point a light source towards a blackhole , will it not hit the blackhole (event horizon ) and never return to me ? or it will just bend tangent to the horizon and go to some other space ...

    previously i thought blackholes just grab light and never returns it ...but grabs actually...is it wrong thinking ?
    plz help me
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    You had it right: the light will enter the black hole and never return, if it is pointed right at the black hole. If the light is pointed next to the black hole, it may loop back around and return to you (or go in another direction).
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    Check out Einstein rings for the gravitational lensing effects on what Black Holes do to light that isn't quite caught in it's maw:

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    thanks a lot.. now i can ask the author of the paper how he mentioned it ..
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