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Medical Consequenses of striking a Vein and an artery?

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    Hi there..

    Currently im researching the corrospondence between acupuncture points of traditional chinese medicine and the understand of western anatomy - and im looking for some help here.

    At the moment, the point im focuses on is called Lung 5. The point is in the crease of elbow just lateral to the bicep tendon at the origin of the brachioradialis muscle. It branches at the radial recurrent artery and cephalic vein and the lateral cutaneous nerve of the forearm directly above the main trunk of the radial nerve.

    So im looking for information about, what possible effects there could be by stimulating/striking/blocking/pressing the:

    #1 Cephalic Vein - i know that the vein goes through the deltopectoral triangle - can this affect the muscles in this area or other muscles?
    #2 Radial recurrent artery
    #3 Is the cutaneous nerve a part of the radial nerve? And what part of the nervous system is this nerve? Sympathic or parasympathic?

    I hope you can help me
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    "what possible effects there could be"

    In my ideal world a hefty fine, revocation of any non-evidence based "license" and community service involving science in the classrooms.
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    I think you need to spend more time properly studying anatomy. There are more things wrong than right with the things you just wrote.

    Some starting points, the origin of the brachioradialis muscle is NOT where the biceps tendon is in the cubital fossa, so I really have no idea what "point" you could possibly be talking about.

    I also don't know how you have arteries branching from veins and nerves...that simply makes no sense at all.

    Veins don't "affect" muscles, they drain blood back to the heart.

    Pressing on the radial recurrent artery wouldn't do much...not that you could actually just compress it by pushing on the cubital fossa, since it is deep to the bicipital aponeurosis that protects it and the other contents of the cubital fossa except for the median cubital vein. If you want to know what poking at the median cubital vein does, go donate some blood. That's the most common vein they stick for drawing blood.

    The cutaneous nerve? WHICH cutaneous nerve? There are lots of those.
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    Thank you for taking the time to read this - and yes my anatomy knowledge is not 100%, thats why i came to ask you experts :)


    Here the point is show in the crease of the elbow. The standard explanation given to find this point is "On the cubital crease, on the radial side of the tendon of m. biceps brachii. Locate with the elbow slightly flexed. "

    The nerve is Lateral cutaneous nerve of forearm, what i ment by branches is that it brances to volar and dorsal branch.

    Excuse me for my bad english.

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    On the anatomical side, the line drawn in that picture corresponds best to the path of the median nerve. Regarding everything else in that link, it's pure quackery. There is just nothing right to even begin explaining how wrong it is.
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