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Conservation of momentum of collision

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    Hey everyone,

    I have a little physic space problem I can't manage to solve, so I hoped someone would be able to help me here.

    This is the problem:
    We have an object with mass m and speed v1 approaching an other object with mass M and speed U1. The two objects are moving in opposite direction directly towards each other. After the collision the objects are moving with the following speeds in the same direction, because mass M is a million times bigger than m and therefore only get's slowed down. Mass m1 with speed v2, and mass M with speed U2. What is the equation for the conservation of momentum for this collision?

    Does anyone know the answer on this? I'd be really thankful if anyone is able to help me.

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    Mu1-mv1 = Mu2+mv2
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    Thanks a lot, appearantly there was a mistake in my book, thanks.
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