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Contemporary musicians you've probably never heard of

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    Just as the title suggests, who are some good modern-day musicians that the general public is completely unaware of? I'm tired of hearing the same artists time and time again on the radio and would like to have some diversity to my playlists. So, who are you listening to?
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    I really like the band Pinback.

    Most of my friends don't know who they are.
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    If you find the beginning difficult, skip to 3'45. The improvising singer Médéric Collignon is really a trumpet player.

    I safely consider it unlikely you've heard of those guys. I do not guarantee you'll enjoy.

    Also Avishai Cohen

    and the bad plus
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    How modern? I do not really know many newer bands, that is bands from after the 90's.

    A band that used to be all but unknown is Darkest of the Hillside Thickets. I understand that some of their stuff has made it into Guitar Hero so they are probably better known now. They play what is discribed as "horror punk" inspired, mostly, by H.P. Lovecraft with songs such as "Goin' Down to Dunwich"(not based on "goin down to georgia"), "Innsmouth Look", and "Shoggoths Away".
    I'd find you a youtube video but I am on my mobile right now. Maybe I can come up with more when I get home.
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