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Cosmology as quantum, ie. M-theory

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    I wonder, whether cosmology come to an end as quantum, ie. M-theory?
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    Huh? What do you mean ?
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    there is a growing field of research called QUANTUM COSMOLOGY (QC) with many QC papers published every year. But they do not talk about "M-theory" so much.
    There are other approaches to quantum cosmology that are more active. The researcher's interests change.

    If you want to see what modern QC research is like you can click on this link. It lists the QC research publications during the last 3 years. It lists them in order of how many CITATIONS the paper has received. How many times researchers have referred to it. Citations is a kind of rough measure of the interest or importance of the work as seen by the quantum cosmology research community.
    So in this list the most highly cited papers are listed first.
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