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Cosmos with Carl Sagan

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    Anyone seen the series Cosmos with Carl Sagan, just finished all of it, what a mind bending experience! Good stuff all the way! Neil degrasse tyson is coming out with a show called cosmos in 2013, perhaps in updated version of the old school show.
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    I hope not. Tyson is awesome, but he's no Sagan. Cosmos doesn't need updating. Carl Sagan just needs reincarnation.
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    Gotta' disagree with you Flex. He is I think sort of like Sagan in that he popularizes Astronomy like Sagan and it's been what, 30 years since Cosmos? Lots has changed. We're in a golden age of Astronomy with all the (space) probes now. Sagan would have been impressed. We're also beginning to think about origins (prior to the Big Bang) which I think Sagan would also have liked. Others will fill Sagan's place. Tyson? He's ok I think.
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    hopefully there will be some crazy HD visuals to go along with the space time continuum
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    Hopefully not. Sagan never needed cheesy computer animations to tell a story. Crazy HD visuals are why our culture sucks.
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    im sure he would like it if is 80's pixelated images were hd'd the **** out, you know u would like it too...the only problem with the new cosmos i predict is that i dont believe neil will be able to as presentable as carl and as his uniquely divine knowledge and structure of explaining the cosmos to regular people who have no clue about physics/astronomy!
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    And also co-produced (executive) by Seth MacFarlane, the creator of the hit television series Family Guy. (Seth MacFarlane also performs voice acting for the Family Guy characters Peter Griffin, Brian Griffin, and Stewie Griffin. MacFarlane also co-created the show American Dad and performs the voice acting for the American Dad characters Stan Smith and Roger the Alien.)
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    thanks collins we didnt know that!
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    Seth is actually a pretty smart guy from what I've seen of him speak, but hopefully he has some integrity and keeps true to the spirit of the original series.
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    As far as I can tell, MacFarlane's main contribution was to convince FOX to do it.
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    Tyson is definitely a good choice. After all: Carl Sagan's influence on Neil Tyson.
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