Could the universe be a giant spinning teacups ride?

  1. Moons orbit planets. Planets orbit stars. Stars sometimes orbit other stars. Stars orbit galactic centres. How to we know galaxies aren't orbiting super super super massive black holes or something along those lines. And it continues. How do we know this chain is not infinite?

    Thanks bros
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  3. Because it would imply a center around which everything rotates and there is no such center.

    Also, are you aware that galaxies rotate in all different orientations relative to the disk of the Milky Way?
  4. I vaguely understand what you mean, and need to say I don't nessercarily agree with what I have said, I am simply putting it forward to be criticised.
  5. The question of a rotating universe has been addressed here several times, always shot down quickly.

    What do you not understand about my post?
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