Spinning Definition and 7 Discussions

Spinning is the twisting technique where the fiber is drawn out, twisted, and wound onto a bobbin.

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  1. olgerm

    Angular speed that breaks a spinning body apart with inertial stress

    How to find the angular speed, on which a spinning hollow cylindrical body breaks due to inertial stress(force)? I found 2 sources(http://www.roymech.co.uk/Useful_Tables/Cams_Springs/Flywheels.html (last 2 equations) ...
  2. Mmarzipan

    Collision with a ball spinning about its vertical axis

    Homework Statement A ball A is rotating on a table with an angular velocity ω about its vertical axis. An identical ball B collides with the ball A elastically. After collision the ball A starts sliding over the table. The coefficient of friction is µ. Find: 1) the angle α between the angular...
  3. nashikin58

    Rotary or centrifugal jet spinning (nanofiber)

    Hi, I am a research student, working on rotary jet spinning. while spinning, nanofibers are formed but it's not attached properly to the collector. It became like a spider web. You guys have any idea why it became like that?
  4. Avimanyu Ray

    I Why does the Earth rotate?

    When I googled it, I wasn't satisfied with the answers from various sites...some sites like universetoday.com gave me a glimpse but it was totally theoretical and based on assumption. Also I would like to know why some planets have retrograde rotation; what might have caused them to and why do...
  5. hsdrop

    B Would time dilation affect spinning and vibrating

    I know that time dilation effects everything that moves in relation to everything else that's around the thing that moving. Does that also include vibrating and spinning thing and if it does how so?
  6. F

    I Why do nebulae tend to collapse into discs?

    As far as I understand it, a nebula initially tends to have a small amount of rotation (on average) and then as it collapses under its own gravity this rotation increases significantly due to conservation of angular momentum (assuming that there is no external torque,right?!). What I'm unsure...
  7. G

    What if I force a spinning wheel not to precede?

    Hi, If we apply a torque to a spinning wheel such that the torque vector lies in the plane of the wheel, it will precede around the axis perpendicular to the angular momentum and the torque. What happens if the wheel is mounted such that rotation around this axis is absolutely impossible and...