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Credit to the other nominees and biology

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    ..to all who voted me in as "Guru":redface: . And I have to give credit to the other nominees and biology participants, we all come together to make this a well-learned and fun place to hang out. I'll do my best to live up to the title.
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    Congrats! you deserve it!

    Also congrats to all other nominees!
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    Congratulations DocToxyn,
    You are simply the best.
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    Congrats! It's been great having you around these forums!

    Congrats and thanks to all the other nominees as well...you all make this a great place to "hang out." :smile:
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    Congrats DT!!!!!!!

    The list of nominees this year was awesome!!!! I want to thank all of you for making this forum so great!

    It's been nice to see how much Biology has grown over the past couple of years. :approve:
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    Way to go Doc! Its been great haveing you here.
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