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Custom Colors on Mathematica RectangleChart Function

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    I have data in x,y pairs that I am passing to the RectangleChart function in Mathematica. But I want to be able to color each of those rectangles using a third variable z. There seems to be no easy way to do this. I can't get the ChartStyle or Style options to add this color. Anybody know of a good way to do this?

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    let's say you have an x, y pair like this:


    And let's say you wanted it colored Red. Then you would use:


    Or alternatively


    Where the ChartStyle option was a list with as many elements as your data.
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    Thanks for the reply. But I think I was a little bit unclear on my first post. The third value in the list is a number, scaled between 0 and 1. So it's not a color name. And I want to show the intensity of that number with color.

    When I have the list of numbers, scaled 0 to 1, I can't find a way to convert that to a list of colors. GrayLevel[] or Hue[] will not work on a list.

    Anybody else got an idea on how to take a list of numbers, ie., a = {0.5, 0.6, 0.9} and convert that to a list of colors for the ChartStyle option to work?

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    To convert "a" from a list of numbers into a list of RGBColor entries use:


    If you search in the help for "color schemes" you will find a pretty long list of color gradients that you can use instead of "Rainbow". My favorites are "Rainbow" and "TemperatureMap".
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    Thanks so much! The Map function does it perfectly.

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