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How to label points in 3D Scatter Plot (Mathematica)

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    Hi, I really need some help here.
    Right now I am plotting points on a 3D Scatter plot chart in Mathematica. I want to assign each of these points with a value which will be the label. Basically each point has 4 variable in the parameter. Its x,y,z cartesian coordinate position and the last value as the label.

    I know how to plot these points in a 3DScatterPlot in Mathematica but I am having trouble to label them. I don't know how and I would love to know if there's a way to write a for-loop in Mathematica to label all these points. And after labeling these points, I would like them to display in the interactive 3D plot.

    Also is there a way to do this efficiently?
    Lets say I put all of my (x,y,z) positions in an array or arrayList or whatever they call it in mathematica. Then I want to iterate through every one of them and label them with something I wish to label. (most likely it would be a numeric value)

    Thank you very much.
    Have a good holiday.
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    I think that you need to make a list of the form
    Then make a Graphics3D object with the plot prepended to that list of text.
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