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Damage to chimney by power line attache to it

  1. Feb 18, 2016 #1
    hello :)
    I am desperately seeking help for my problem: during reper of electrical mast, service crew attached main power line to my chimney. ( Chimney was add to house structure some time after house was build. More than 25 years ago).
    Repair was a day long project. It required main power line to be disconnected from electrical meter for time being. Although I mention to crew about my concerns re chimney ( not sure how strong it is and how it was build) they decided to tided power line ( triple lumen N95) with rope to my chimney from a roof. It was like that for about 4 hrs. Imagine my shock when few days after I walked throu backyard and saw a big crack separating chimney from house.
    Contacted company but they refuse to acknowledge any responsibilities.
    How I can proof that their action was very unsafe and dengerous?

    All troublesome element were present: old and unknown structure of chimney, harsh weather over years in Canada, Ontario , clay ground , long time of attachment (about 4hrs), weight of power line by itself, uncle under what it was hanging from ( between chimney and power line post) height of chimney and probably few more that I can't find myself.( weather ??? - Wind ,barometric pressure temp. . It was hot and humid day - July 20,2014 . .???)


    If someone is awere of any physical formulas or rules that can be useful or any other ideas PLESE kindly let me know.

    Thanfull for all suggestions -from a bottom of my heart - Krystyna .

    P.S. I have pics to show,but don't know how to attach to this msg.
    I could email them latter if needed. image.jpeg image.jpeg

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  3. Feb 18, 2016 #2
    P..S.2 I was able to figure it out and attache few images. :)
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    Contact your house insurance company. Explain what happened to them.

    If no insurance you may have to decide if you can afford a surveyor prepared to write a letter to the company for you. Perhaps speak to a no win no fee lawyer?
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    I'm sorry, but we can't offer legal advice. It is best for you to seek professional help in your area. As CWatters suggested, contact your house insurance company or lawyer. A building inspector is another option.

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