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Dark matter/Energy not needed alternative

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    I don't think this will lead to anything interesting.

    If the observer moves quickly relative to the frame where the universe is uniform, this is the CMB frame. We do not move quickly relative to the CMB (just with ~400km/s).

    In addition, an arbitrary rescaling of the time-coordinate sounds weird to begin with.

    I don't think the proposed alternative to dark matter (increasing velocity with time) works on the scale of single galaxies - they are stable over billions of years or multiple rotations, if stars would gain additional velocity galaxies would have disintegrated long ago.
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    George Jones

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    Where is the metric from which all this physical stuff should be derived? Without a metric, I can't read the paper with any understanding. Also, this paper has not yet been refereed.
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    I too reviewed this paper a couple days ago. It looked interesting at first, but, lacked substance, IMO.
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