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Dark Matter - Very Interesting

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    Is dark matter really matter? OR it is only a QUANTUM DISTURBANCE or an INEXPLICABLE QUANTUM STATE?
    Can we have a discussion?
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    I have no idea what you might mean by "inexplicable quantum state". That just seems to be buzz words tossed together.

    There have been attempts to explain the effects of dark matter as "modified gravity" but these theories have not worked out well and there is no reason to believe that dark matter is anything other than some form of matter. BUT ... since we don't know what it is, that is not definite.
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    Can it be a space time disturbance?.....A disturbance that gives an impression of the presence of a matter and gravitational effects without actual presence of any matter??
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    Welcome to PF, soumin_bhattacharjee!

    Please note that the "New User Introductions" forum is just for introductions. For physics discussion, please use an appropriate one of the other forums here. I think dark matter is most commonly discussed here in the Cosmology forum.
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