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Describe the whole world of physics

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    I am working on creating an online interactive map resource allowing everyone to add information related to physics to any location on the globe.

    If any one could provide address / Google map link for places which are related to field of physics that will be a great help for me

    Thanks in Advance
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    Here is the link to Physics Globe, please help us to map physics related areas over here
    http://www.livephysics.com/ptools/physics-globe.php [Broken]
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    Most physics research happens at universities. Your map will be ignoring the biggest chunk of physics research unless you include an option for universities.
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    Thank you for your valuable opinion, we added university category to Physics Globe.

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    Does any one know the mailing address/contact details for department of physics at
    Caltech - California Institute of Technology

    And also where can I find a short description about their physics program,
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    Here's the homepage of the Physics department at Caltech. You should be able to find the details that you want on here: http://www.pma.caltech.edu/GSR/physics.html [Broken]
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    Thank you for your information, we added Caltech to World of Physics Map
    http://www.livephysics.com/ptools/physics-globe.php?mapid=17 [Broken]
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    You're welcome. It's very easy to "guess" the websites of universities, and then follow the links from the main page!
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    Google is a pretty fascinating feature of the internet as well. I am a bit worried about this program you are setting up if you have a hard time finding the Caltech website! (just kidding)

    Google took me about 20 seconds from the time I opened my browser, typed www.google.com and searched for Caltech Physics Department.

    Just giving some advice to help expedite the process so you guys don't have to wait around looking for universities.
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    I found the site easily but couldn’t find any where they have listed their mailing address, finally I found it on one page at the footer image.

    Did you found physics department mailing address?
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    the best option for finding an email address for any department is to find the department heads email adress (listed under the contact page usually) and email him with your request.
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