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Designing a water purification system for developing communities

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    For my senior project for my BS. in mechanical engineering , I'm thinking of designing a water purification system, perhaps powered by solar energy. The senior is a one semester course for a team of two Mechanical engineers. I know that one way of doing this is passing the water through sand/charcoal/gravel and than through UV treatment . However ,I'm not sure how much of the mechanical engineering principles I have take could be applied to this project. Does this make a good one semester project .Also there is no sponsoring so how high could the budget get if I want to make a prototype.
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    Hi TJ00343,

    I just saw your post and realized this may be way too late to reply. My company builds water purification units for disaster responders. We're about to launch a solar powered WPS that fits into a suitcase! I'd be happy to chat if you need any help.


    Steve Neill
    President, AidGear
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