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Designing a world based of the four Greek elements

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    Hey, didn't know where to turn and thought this might be a good start.

    I've been designing a world for the last six years based of the four Greek elements; earth, air, water, fire and H'teal. (Transfer and absorption of biological energy, life and death combined)
    The main three bad and good guys have power over the strong nuclear force and so can combine and split atoms, kind of like alchemy, (Without stuff blowing up or radiating, or whatever would happen)
    What powers do you think someone who could control the other "stuff" on the standard model have, more importantly photons and electrons. I'm thinking the nuclear force guy has control over gluons, things like having power over a up quark might be to obscure to really think on but I enjoy trying to think about this kind of stuff. I've only studied this out of personal interest so my knowledge is limited. Not expecting much back on this but just trying it out, hopefully here from you!
    Yours gratefully James.
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    I'm confused. If your elements are just the 5 you mention, where do Standard Model particles come from? Are they somehow NOT fundamental elements in your universe?
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    Ah get the confusion.
    The five elements are the main people, they control everything that is, for example earth people control; earth, rock, sand, metal, iron, steel, gold etc. Expanding my universe a bit, all the standard models of science still stand. These people control the basic elements on the table that have one of the states of matter at room temperature. These other people I've created and querying about is the people above them, who have special powers.
    Thanks for the reply! James.
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    Vanadium 50

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    Earth + Air = Smog
    Fire + Water = Tequila

    (with apologies to Tom Weller)
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