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With a social and European inspiration, the magazine promotes a critical vision of liberal modernity on topics such as localism, ecology, respect for cultural diversity and the defence of European identity.

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  1. M

    I Heavy elements from neutron star collisions?

    I have seen it claimed online that the recently announced observation of a neutron-star merger by LIGO provides strong support for the hypothesis that heavy elements - gold and platinum were mentioned in particular - are mostly created in neutron-star collisions rather than in supernovas. Is...
  2. Y

    Copper in alien bones?

    Could calcium and copper and say - boron, be joined into one substance? If not boron, then which element? I am trying to design an alien skeleton with copper, calcium, and ? I love copper and part of the idea is its distribution throughout the universe. I am asking for a tip about where to look...
  3. P

    When will mining seawater for elements be affordable?

    So, I was wondering when will mining seawater for minerals be affordable. The whole process seems very energy intensive to do. Will it ever be a reality one day where we see tritium and deuterium mined alongside lithium and other important elements? I've read somewhere that there are enough...
  4. JTC

    Newton's Principia and Euclid's Elements

    I have always wanted to read the textbooks in the thread title. But their styld is so old. Does someone know of any "middle of the road" textbooks? By that, I mean: books that basically teach what these two men wrote, but, perhaps with updated language, or some really-not-essential stuff...
  5. I

    Are there elements that are never found in life?

    Hello, Are there elements that are never found in life forms? Or can some find themselves in life, but perhaps very unlikely?
  6. DennisN

    News Official new names of superheavy elements

    Source, with more info: http://iupac.org/iupac-announces-the-names-of-the-elements-113-115-117-and-118/ An update of the periodic table from IUPAC is here. (Apparently they are still playing Tetris... :smile:)
  7. S

    I Can someone define what a tuple is for me?

    Ok, so I read that a tuple is an ordered list of n elements, where n is a non-negative integer. Sometimes I get confused with tuples and partially ordered sets. So if I organized a list of all the airplanes in a particular airport, would that be a tuple, or would that be a set? I'm leaning...
  8. GiantSheeps

    Naturally occurring elements yet to be discovered?

    So I know that all the elements above 92 on the periodic table do not occur naturally, does that mean that we've discovered all the naturally occurring elements? Is it possible that there can be elements with a higher atomic number than 118 that we just haven't discovered yet in nature?
  9. Y

    Do we all belong to the same star?

    I recently read this kind of question on Quora and found it interesting. Do all of the Earth's materials(and therefore humans) belong the same star of different star? What's more likely? In my opinion, the chances of all of the material belonging to one star are pretty slim because a complex...
  10. B0b-A

    How many elements in a hand-full of sand ?

    How many of the [ 92?] naturally occurring elements could be found in hand-full of sand ?. Including those only present at minuscule , but measurable , amounts. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:PismoBeachSand.JPG
  11. A

    Comp Sci Python help with sequences and elements?

    Homework Statement My professor wants us to program on Python, where we have a certain sequence, for example: sequence = ("one", "two", "three", "four") I need to replace one of the sequence elements (example: "one") with another element (example: instead of the word "one", I need to put...
  12. N

    Carbon-based lifeforms

    I'd like to understand more about how/why carbon-based life comes about. All things are atomically based, why is it that carbon atoms/elements are able to sustain life better than any other element? Thank you
  13. N

    What is the cause of an atom's number of protons

    Why is it that one atom such as hydrogen has one proton while others have many. What is the mechanism driving this force which causes some atoms to be marked for one protons and others for many? And once they are say marked as hydrogen they can be nothing else, correct? Since hydrogen is the...
  14. N

    Every known element has a unique atom?

    This notion perplexes me. Could I please have this explain with an example(s). I am confused are atoms not made up of the same protons and neutrons which are just essentially negatively or positively charged particles which are made of quarks? Which as confusing as that can become. How can one...
  15. eseefreak

    Reflexive, Symmetric, Transitive - Prove related problem

    Homework Statement Let A=RxR=the set of all ordered pairs (x,y), where x and y are real numbers. Define relation P on A as follows: For all (x,y) and (z,w) in A, (x,y)P(z,w) iff x-y=z-w Homework Equations R is reflexive if, and only if, for all x ∈ A,x R x. R is symmetric if, and only if, for...
  16. TrueGormagon

    Applications of Rare Earth Elements, Island of stability elements, and Exotic matter

    Greetings, I am interested in creating a thread dedicated to the discussion of the uses of currently discovered and used and theorized/dreamed of types of matter in our universe. This includes R.E.E's (Rare earth elements, like Neodymium or Yttrium...