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Desperate Student - Fortran G77 Compiler Help

  1. Nov 15, 2012 #1
    I recently asked my professor if he had any research opportunities in the following semesters and he told me that I should download and play around with 'Fortran G77 Compiler' and get back to him.

    So, I've looked into it but didn't make much progress.First off, I'm confused with which program he is specifically talking about.. I noticed there are several different versions of Fortran say, GNU Fortran, Fortran 90, 95, etc... Not really sure. But I think he wants me to use specifically Fortran G77 Compiler..

    I'm using a Windows7 computer [I'm not against downloading a different OS, I just wouldn't know how to go about it].

    So basically I'm asking, where can I download this, or what am I looking for exactly?

    Do I need to download Fortran, and then a Gfortran package or something?

    Or is a Fortran G77 Compiler just one download?

    Do I need an editor or can I use notepad or MSDOS Windows, if so how? Are there any tutorials on how to use/download Fortran G77 Compiler on Windows? Thanks.
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    g77 was g77 for a long time, but it is no longer called g77; instead, they went to gfortran, now. Probably because somebody else beat them to the punch with the g95 name (not GNU).

    So, what you need is gfortran. You can download from here. It look like you need to the that says "Native Window" build.

    I use cygwin for other reasons, but I think you can simply work with Windows binaries.

    I would recommend downloading a nice editor, like Crimson or Notepad++. Lately, I have settled with Notepad++ with the little quirk that it does not quite recognize fortran 90 file, only fortran 77...but all you have to do is start writing from column 7 on and it highlight fortran 90 just fine.
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