What is Student: Definition and 1000 Discussions

A student is primarily a person enrolled in a school or other educational institution and who is under learning with goals of acquiring knowledge, developing professions and achieving employment at desired field. In the broader sense, a student is anyone who applies themselves to the intensive intellectual engagement with some matter necessary to master it as part of some practical affair in which such mastery is basic or decisive.
In the United Kingdom and most commonwealth countries, the term "student" denotes those enrolled in secondary schools and higher (e.g., college or university); those enrolled in primary/elementary schools are called "pupils".

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  1. marco02

    My presentation

    Hi, I'm a 21 year-old aerospace engineering student
  2. Hello World


    Hello, my name is Nicolas and I am an eternal student and researcher PhD in robotics (modular robotics) My main interests are now space technologies and computability
  3. Sh_lm

    Hello I'm new here.

    I'm Shalom, a mechatronics engineering student. I'm in L3 and I'm 19. I'm very passionate about mathematics, physics, electronics, system modelling, coding and others stuffs alike . I'm already done I don't know what more to say😅. I hope I'll learn a lot from you guys and have a wonderful...
  4. Liru_159

    A Wild Liru has Appeared!

    Hello there! My name is Liru. I'm a 17 year old furry Uni student that is going into Computer Science. Currently trying to get a head start by learning as much as I can about Computer Science fields and programming. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  5. Z

    I am Zeesan...

    Hello, I am Zeesan from Bangladesh . Being 19 Y/O , I am going to be admitted into Dhaka University , ( Most probably in Nuclear Engineering Department) . I was primarily interested in Physics, but I was afraid to get admitted into Pure physics department due to bad review, and little career...
  6. tommcgtx

    Hello from WV

    My name is Tom. I'm a 50 year old student in an online Civil Engineering program at the University of North Dakota. I currently work as a Project Engineer at a land development firm. I started this degree around 10 years ago, and had to stop due to health reasons. I'm currently finishing up my...
  7. physicsxanime

    New student studying for condensed matter Physics

    Hi pholks, I am starting my career as a grad student in condensed matter physics. Wish me luck. Also wish everyone attain your dreams!
  8. Aronmustha

    Hello, I am new on this forum

    I am a student in a high school and currently living in portugal
  9. RonG

    RonG Mechanical Engineer Student

    Hello, My name is Ron. I am currently attending Old Dominion University majoring in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Engineering Management. I am returning to obtain my bachelors at age 54 and currently hold an associate in Drafting and Design. I have worked in the construction industry...
  10. E

    Curiosity killed the cat, but I found physicsforum.com :-)

    My name is Ebenezer Akutteh and I am a 16 year old student in Ghana pursuing a general science course in secondary school.I'm in shs1 and I found this website while I was looking for answers to the laws of cosine and sine for vector addition in a parallelogram to determine the resultant...
  11. weafq

    University student

    Hi all can't wait to learn more about physics.
  12. JurassicOwl

    Glad tidings from a newcomer

    Hello 👋 I'm a mature student in computer science and am deeply fascinated by astrophysics, an area I aspire to explore in postgraduate research. Currently, I dedicate my spare time to studying new theories in this field. Although I haven't published any findings due to limited access to...
  13. S


    I am Shanjidah Tasfiah, a Postgraduate student of Physics at Khulna University, Bangladesh. Presently I am doing my thesis at the Secondary Standard Dosimetry Laboratory in Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission as a Masters Program thesis student. I am working with different field sizes and...
  14. Priyo137

    Seeking a platform to discuss physics

    As a physics enthusiast high-school student, I often run into troubles engaging with physics problems. In PF, I am going to seek a place for physics discussions. Thanks.
  15. Seth_Genigma

    Is Seth Genigma the Next Big Thing in Science at Waitaki Boys High?

    I would like to be called Seth Genigma, you can use nicknames I don't mind if you choose to. I am a student in Waitaki boys high school and I love all sciences. I learn easily and am interested in a lot of things.
  16. physics_student01

    How Can Physics Forums Help a New Member Overcome Conceptual Challenges?

    Hi all, New PF member. Currently a sophomore Physics student. I encounter niggling conceptual difficulties in this journey. I was referred to this site by my senior, that the people/mentors here are very kind and would help me navigate this journey provided I am ready to grind & wrestle with...
  17. shmwot

    Is Switching Majors to Physics a Good Idea?

    Hey! I'm currently an undergrad student, gonna be switching majors/ starting fresh with physics next year(which is something I've always wanted to do) Also I'm turning 18 on may 12th this year wish me lol Glad to be here. Hoping to make really cool friends and contribute in a good bunch of...
  18. J

    Is Industrial Technology a Good Major for Future Careers?

    Hi everybody I am Jamal from Atlanta. I am currently a student at the faculty of Industrial Technology, it's my second year. I came across your forum several before when I was preparing for the exams and just decided that it would be a good idea to finally join it and become a full member. Nice...
  19. User849483

    Can Physics Forums Help with Student Problems?

    Hello, I needed help with a physics problem and I found this forum. I hope someone can help me with my problem.
  20. PavithraSelvaraj

    Ended up here because of my friction with physics

    How did you find PF?: Via a google search Hey all! I am a student from India. I want to intuitively discover and understand physics concepts. I have had my rock bottom moments with it, hated it, got curious, tried to learn more, and the loop continues. I ended up here, because of a google...
  21. Mr Ib

    How Does Electromagnetics Behavior Inspire a Malaysian Post-Graduate Student?

    Post-Graduate Student from Malaysia with a Passion for Electromagnetics behavior.
  22. E

    What should I major in: Physics or Engineering?

    I'm a high school student in Alberta trying to decide my postsecondary pathway. I love physics and mathematics, and don't know whether I should study in physics or engineering.
  23. TEGNO

    Where Can Physics Students Ask Questions and Find Solutions?

    I'm a Physics student looking for somewhere to ask my questions and find solutions to my problems.
  24. B

    Is Particle Physics the Right Path for Me?

    Hello, I'm Bertram and I'm in my last year of school and I would like to study physics, I really like particle physics from what I know. I'm here to connect to other scientists or students, but also to learn more about the subject, common problems and the way of precise articulating. Have a nice...
  25. Y

    Student who'll need Help. Often.

    Exactly what it says T-T
  26. RandomGuy055

    A high school student who thought he could handle a Physics H class.

    Nice to meet you all. This year I've realized that I have a very poor understanding of physics because anytime a problem is explained to me, it just goes out the other ear. My physics teacher is an old German man with a demon in his soul, but his class is one of my favorites and is probably the...
  27. P

    Is Astrophysics Your Passion Too?

    Hi! I'm a student from korea. If there is anything wrong with my grammer, please kindly understand and if you can, answer my question! I like astrophysics. If you like it too, please try to chat with me. thank you.
  28. vaibhavvenkat

    I Highschooler looking for math research/projects

    Hi, I am in Highschool and I am interested in pursuing mathematics as a career. I am particularly interested in doing some math research/projects (even if simple) to boost my maturity of the subject. How would I go about doing research/projects? Are there any good ideas? Math background: -...
  29. krob

    Is Kaila an Undergrad Who Can Help with Physics Concepts?

    Hi, nice to meet you guys! I am an undergrad at USC and though I am not a physics major I take many classes the follow the concepts of physics. I hope to be able to help you all if needed.
  30. R

    How Can Returning Students Overcome Challenges in Online Physics Courses?

    Hello everyone! I am a returned student after 15 years of being out of school. Physics is very challenging for me, especially taking it in a different language. I like this forum because the instructors here don't just give the answers to the problems students ask, but they help the students...
  31. Mufeez

    A student here who is planning to switch to Physics from zoology

    Hello there, I am Mufeez. I am currently enrolled at QAU in the field of zoology. Didn't plan to study zoology so I am gonna drop it and try to move towards my main interest that is physics. Joined PF to learn physics and get help and make connections. Hope ya'll have a good day.
  32. yellowcake_bruce

    Can Non-Tech Backgrounds Succeed in IT and Cybersecurity?

    I am a student in IT support and cybersecurity(trying really hard to make it while having no prior experience in computer or tech in general). My English is not that good since my native language is french. I encountered this forum while scrolling trough tech related article and went in and...
  33. H

    How Can Undergraduate Physics Enthusiasts Enhance Their Learning Experience?

    I am an enthusiastic physics student in undergraduate level.
  34. AlixGraccus

    Maths and physics student here!

    Hi all! I'm a Maths and Physics student at the Open Uni currently (doing a B.Sc.); It's online because of health problems, which prevents me from travelling a lot. I'd like to study theoretical physics in the future. My main goal is finishing my B.Sc. (of course) and trying to find a Maths and...
  35. eddiezhang

    How Can an A-Level Physics Student Get Help with a Project?

    Hi everyone! I'm an A-level Physics student looking for help on a bit of a project of mine.
  36. phi_skr

    What are the latest developments in nanotech device experiments?

    Hi, I am a physics graduate student focusing on experiment related to nanotech devices.
  37. KittyPaine

    Hello! Potential Post Secondary Student here

    I just learned about a grant I could apply for so now I'm trying to figure out what field to study.
  38. Theo2907

    How Can an Applied Physics Student Benefit from Academic Discussions?

    Hi All, My name's Théo I am currently finishing up my Bachelor's thesis at TU Delft and working on some other projects in a research group. I will be posting some questions I have on here and try to participate in as many conversations as I can. I want to build experience in academic...
  39. Grandpa04

    Civil engineering student

    Hi im a civil engineering student who's always been interested in physics since i was young, am taking classes in physics now.
  40. Hamidul

    Who is Md. Hamidul Haque and What is He Studying at University of Chittagong?

    Hello. This is Md. Hamidul Haque, a post graduate student at University of Chittagong, Bangladesh. Presently I am working at Secondary Standard Dosimetry Laboratory in Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission as a Masters Program thesis student. I am working with neutron spectroscopy and dosimetry...
  41. C

    What research path should I take after my MSc in particle physics?

    Hello there! I am an MSc student with a focus on particle physics instrumentation. I am still thinking of whether I should pursue a PhD in particle physics or other research topics (materials/semicon related) or moving out of the academia. I am here to seek for advice and hope that I will...
  42. jazzywatermelon

    Just a physics student trying to grasp a little more!

    So excited to learn more about physics and to further my understanding! :partytime: This seems like a nice little corner of the internet. :]
  43. Praksh

    Looking forward to interact with great minds!

    For starters, Im just an average student who just so happens to take an interest in physics. Yet this does not stop me from trying to gain more conceptual clarity on it. As a student, I feel I lack on explaining learnt concepts and discussing it. I believe this forum will help me overcome this...
  44. Ali sulieman

    How Can AI Tools Benefit Mechanical Engineering Students?

    I started studying mechanical engineering, where I started thinking about things that might make me a successful and highly competent engineer in the near future. Then I started searching through artificial intelligence tools for useful sites for me as a mechanical engineering student, and your...
  45. StarlitVarsh

    What is Varsh's current ambition and dream?

    I'm a student in high school. I used to dream of being an astrophysicist, but my passion for music production and songwriting became far greater, and that's my current ambition and dream. I still find physics sorta fun though, so here I am!
  46. B

    What is it Like to Study Physics in High School in Seattle?

    hii guys I am studen of physics in high school of Seattle.
  47. deuteron

    What are the Requirements for Deriving Lagrange Equations in Physics?

    I am a physics student in Germany in my second semester!
  48. U

    How Can Niche Physics Topics Enhance a Senior Thesis?

    Hi, I’m a student studying physics that’s trying to learn more niche information for the purposes of my senior thesis that I have to begin to plan.
  49. T

    News Numerically Challenged Offers for Sale

    From a 'respected?' source: (link at bottom) Monthly Offer $2/month for 1 Year (That's just 50¢ a week for the first year) Then $4 per month as long as you’re a student BEST-VALUE - SAVE 50% Annual Offer $24 for 1 Year (That's just 50¢ a week for...