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Determine the thermal transmittance of the floor

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    Hi im new here but im really stuck with this question, im just looking for any pointers on how to complete this question, thanks in advance for any replys... stevenH

    A floor in contact with the ground and having four exposed edges measures 20m by 10m.

    i)Determine the thermal transmittance of the floor

    ii)If the floor is surfaced with 15mm of wood block having a thermal conductivity of 0.14
    W/mK, determine its thermal transmittance coefficient

    iii)If the floor has a thermal insulation membrane of EPS having a thermal conductivity of 0.035W/mK in addition to its wood block finish, determine the transmittance coefficient.
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    i guess your exam is over by now but if you are still "really stuck" on this problem I would suggest Googling "thermal transmittance" and i you'll get some pretty simple formulas to calculate this.

    I'm really not trying to be a smart *** here and if you are still stuck PM me and i'll send you a solution;)
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