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Thermal conductivity of SiC and the mechanisms

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    Hi Guys
    I was studying the thermal properties of SiC at high temperatures and now i have a few questions
    Usually, at high temperatures, the photons effect are much more intense than phonons at high temperature, correct?
    According to Rosseland heat diffusion equation
    Krad = 16σT3 /3β, β= 4πK/λ, σ is the steffan-boltzman constant,β the absorption coefficient and k the extinction coefficient
    From the literature, i found the following numbers for the SiC: k= 10-2 for λ= 2 μm
    Using these values in the Rosseland equation, Krad is smaller than 1 W/(mK)-1 but from the literature the measured value for SiC thermal conductivity at high temperatures (around 1000 °C) is around 20 W/(mK)-1. Is it due to pure phonons effect or am i missing another effect ?
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