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Difference between sthg*time & sthg/time

  1. Dec 29, 2013 #1
    Difference between"sthg*time"&"sthg/time"

    What's the difference between "something" multiplied by time and "something" divided by time ? Isn't everything done through an interval of time ? I'd appreciate it if you gave me some examples , any example even if its gummy bears /time , I just want to know how on earth and when do I multiply physical units with time , thanks a million in advance !
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    Divided by time: You'll often see the word "per", as in "miles per hour"; if it takes ten times as many hours my speed was one-tenth as great as if it took one hour.

    Multiplied by time: You'll often see the word "for", as in "I walked for ten hours and covered ten times the distance that I would if I had walked for one hour".

    You can do this with a hypothetical machine that produces X GummiBears in Y hours and operates for Z hours :smile: - when you calculate the total production you'll be dividing by Y and multiplying by X.
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    Hi, suppose you went to work for $10 an hour and after 10 hours work your boss gave you $1. That's 10 dollars divided by 10 hours, right!

    What, you want $100? Get outta here!
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    Thanks a million OwO ! That actually helped a lot ! This thing was really getting on my nerbes and constantly annoying me , but now I understand it thanks to you , thanks again , A-LOT
  6. Jan 2, 2014 #5

    Then my boss would be a fraud , how am I supposed to support my family with 1 $ a day ? Is this the 16th century :P ,but I get it . Thanks a lot , Mr. Sarcastic interpreter >v>
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