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Diffraction Pattern of Buckminsterfullerene

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    I was wondering if anybody knows of some studies or recent work showing the diffraction patterns observed when shining a laser on buckminsterfullerene. The curiosity stems from the idea that its more-or-less "spherical" structure and uniform composition might lend some intriguing (and potentially unique) diffraction patterns to take advantage of. If no such studies exist, I may have to ask my physics professor if we can make some buckyballs and shoot lasers at 'em. ;)

    I've already searched the databases and journals, but I don't find anything this specific. Also, if anyone has done research themselves in this kind of thing, I'd love to hear from some of you.


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    Doesn't the diffraction pattern depend primarily on the crystal structure? From the picture in Wikipedia it looks like a buckminsterfullerene crystal is fcc.
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