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Disappearing and reappearing at the other side of the wall

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    can any one of u tell me is it possible by the present quantum state that we become pure energy at a position x and move to another location by the prpagation of energy as wave and reappear as particle at another location y
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    Nothing that you said could even be regarded as physical. There's quantum tunneling, but that doesn't really resemble the process you've described at all.
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    Energy and mass are related buy a formula. One must think, how can we turn mass into energy, how can we make it propogate, and how can we turn it back into mass in exactly the same configuration as we had initially, without changing it in the propogation stage. Of course there is also the problem in that one cant measure momentum, position, energy or time without uncertainty. So acheiving the same configuration somewhere other than the place of origin will be very hard indeed.

    Quantum tunneling does not envolve changing the properties of the partical in question. So, as said, It cant really be applied here
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    In anhilation interactions, a particle here [ * ] has a equal chance of appearing here [ ]...here[ ] or even [ ].

    If [ ] = present and [ ] = future, then there is no way of knowing that the appearence and dis-appearence of particles are one and the same.

    If it was possible, "Instant Production by Alchemy" would be a major trademark in todays economic markets!
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    As others have mentioned, what you describe doesn't really get you anywhere, but if you remove the apart about conversion to energy and transfer of energy, you are left with: you are on one side of the wall and then ?? you are on the other side of the wall. That sounds like quantum tunnelling.

    Wikipedia is your friend, but here's a nutshell description:

    An electron does not move from place to place, it simply has a probability of being found in a particular place. It usually stays within its energy well around the nucleus of an atom, the "height" of which is too high for the electron to travel over.

    The probability curve of an electron's location is a bell curve, and a very small part of that bell curve is actually outside the energy well. This means that the electron has a very small chance of being found outside the energy well, despite the fact that it cannot have passed through the wall and that we cannot know how it got there.

    One can hypothesize scaling this up to macro-scale. If every particle in your body could be coordinated on a subatomic scale (it can't, but this is a hypothetical case), then there is a vanishingly small probability that, without ever passing through the wall, you will be found on the other side of it.
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    By the way, if you would convert a whole human being to energy at once, it would an extremely BIG amount of energy.
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    I doubt there would be anything left of you, or the wall, or the house, or the street and probably not your city either. :rofl:

    My understanding is that you are more likely to spontaneously explode than manage the trip in one piece and neither of these seem very likely for obvious reasons.
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    what about when you get finished with the whole thing and you're back at the house and your girlfriend asked you why your weenie got attenuated... are you gonna tell her it's "complex" lol i make myself laugh
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