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Medical Discovery of the decade? Injection 'could cure Alzheimer's in minutes'

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    Real or what?
    http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/health/article3603996.ece?a=3603996 [Broken]

    They claim 90 per cent respond to the treatment, usually within minutes, and have released videos of patients to prove it.

    In one, a nurse sits down with an 82-year-old patient, Marvin Millar, who frowns and mumbles incoherently as she asks him identify everyday objects such as a bracelet and a pencil, which he is unable to do.

    But five minutes after being injected with etanercept – according to the film which was supplied and edited by the clinic – he greets his wife. Visibly shocked, she says he has not recognised her for years. Mr Miller then hugs her.

    In a separate interview, also supplied by the clinic, she describes his improvements four weeks later, saying he makes sense 90 per cent of the time now, compared with none of the time before treatment started.
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    I was sure I had a discussion on this already, but can't find any prior threads on it. Maybe it was someplace else. What I recall was digging up the original article and not being particular impressed by the so-called "improvement" in a poorly controlled study. Or maybe there were some issues as to whether the patients were correctly diagnosed with Alzheimer disease. I need to dig around more to remember where I've read this and commented on it before so I don't do all that a second time.

    Edit: Here's an older editorial on it. It certainly isn't talking about improvements as rapid as 5 min, which sounds completely unrealistic, but more over the course of a month of treatment.
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    Here's a page seems to give the treatment details and rationale behind them. This is from the Institute for Neurological Research itself.... (a private medical group).

    http://www.nrimed.com/physician.html [Broken]
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    It's interesting that it's supposedly a TNF-alpha inhibitor. TNF-alpha seems to be a very versatile molecule, I'm hearing about it being implicated in everything from synaptic plasticity to inflammation, and growth control / apoptosis.
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    Where are you hearing this?
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    There are hundreds if not thousands of articles about TNF-alpha. Try searching on pubmed, it's all there.
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    In Britain we can already cure Alzheimers by simply releasing the vicim from prison - within a few weeks they are fully recovered and able to run internaioanl companies.
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    Thank you. Here's another promo/report about this from medscape.com They pretty well say that there have been no large studies done with this therapy, yet.

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