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Discussing new ideas without breaking Forum rules

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    I work as staff at a community college (state college starting this year, still getting used to the name change) tutoring lab and have had some ideas on a physical theory. I have shown my ideas to the Physics professor, who asked me what I am still doing here, I should be somewhere where I can discuss my ideas with people qualified to asses them.

    I have written up my ideas, including the testable differences with the current theories, and had them returned from two journals without review. It has been submitted to a third.

    Forum rules here prohibit the discussion of non-published theories. Where can I go to just have someone provide constructive criticism for my theory?
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    I suppose this post is now moot, as the paper has become reference number 420257 at Classical and Quantum [STRIKE]Physics[/STRIKE]Gravity.

    It should be interesting to here what the reviewers have to say!

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    Discussing of personal theories isn't allowed anywhere on physicsforums. However, I'm sure a simple google search will bring up forums where such a thing is allowed.
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    What is "Classical and Quantum Physics"? Nothing comes up in Google and it's not in the master journal list.
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    Perhaps meant is "Classical and Quantum Gravity", a major journal.
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    I am now content waiting for the reviewers opinions.

    Had I not received the e-mail between my original post and second post, I would have asked for a recommendation for such a forum. Few forums have the quality of discussion I have witnessed here.
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