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Do smarter people tend to be better looking?

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    This seem to be my experience. It is just a simple observation. Of couse, you could make some existential logical statement that there exist at least one girl or boy that is ugly, but smart. Obvious, what i mean of course is that it is geneally true that smart people tend to be beautiful. All my ex s are good damn hot, but they are also very bright girls. There was one that was in the math olympaid, one in the putman, one that was a 33 years old programmer etc.... These girls are not just "hot" but "pure". there seem to be an air of sophistication about them...
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    Eeh..Andrew Wiles? Susan Sontag? Stephen Hawking???
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    I would have to say that there is no relation between physical appearance and intelligence. If anything, I would say that the opposite of what you say is more true. From my observations, people who are very attractive sometimes rely on their attractiveness and neglect their mind.
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    Chi Meson

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    It must be great to be you.

    You'll agree to that, won't you?
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    Nice people keep looking better the more you get to know them.
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    jennifer connelly? ....
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    i think the not so attractive people tend to be more hardworking. Perhaps that is why you say they have more brains.
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    How do you know?
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    I think you just got lucky.
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    Most of the attractive people I know are the stupidest people I have ever met! They are soo self absorbed that they have no clue about the real world and whats going on around them.
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    then there is the likes of me who think yesterdays ugly is todays cool,
    why am i stuck in thursday.
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    And you said that I was way behind?! :tongue:
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    Someone being intelligent makes them much, much, much more attractive.
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    I use to be cute and smart...now I'm ugly and dumb! ha!
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    No i said you were a
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    At this point, I guess we should just lock this...
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