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Do we have any proof of entanglement other than bells inequalities?

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    do we have any proof of entanglement other than Bells Inequalities?

    bell's inequalities says that:

    - no physical theory of local hidden variables can reproduce all of the predictions of quantum mechanics

    or in other words

    - the correlations in/during Quantum Entanglement (QE) are stronger than could be explained by local hidden variables

    even Bell's inequalities are not totally conclusive

    is there any other experiment/observation/theoretical-mathematical deduction that would show/prove, or even hint, the existence of QE?
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    ok....cool link.

    is there a way to reduce the wavelength of a photon other than by entanglement?
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    Well said!

    Entanglement is used as a tool to demonstrate the above statement as being true. There are other techniques, separate from the usual Bell tests, as well. I might recommend you check out these subjects which are closely related (Wiki has articles on these too):

    GHZ Theorem (a very complex proof but very convincing)

    Bell-Kochen-Specker (don't be fooled by the name, this is different than Bell's Theorem)


    Hardy's Paradox
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