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Do you think this is an unhealthy mental condition?

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    Have you got a huge crush on someone before? You sure did, but have you got this feeling so strong that you thought she/he just had to be the one, and you'll never gonna have the same feeling toward others ever again?

    I personally had this feeling for several times, and since it's "several" times, I have long learned the fact that this kind of believe (someone is the one and no substitute will be accepted) is no more than an illusion.

    The problem is, if I have this kind of emotional feeling, my senses and reasoning tend to have a really difficult time overriding it. And I've talked to some of my old school mate in the psychiatric industry, they told me most patient have perfect reasoning ability, it's just some times their reasoning ability fails to take control.

    So do you think a huge crush, to put it rather concisely, is a negative, unhealthy mental condition?
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    I think it's a socially acceptable form of insanity :biggrin:.
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    Such feelings lead one to begin stalking and creating shrines.
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    Nah. Everyone feels it at some point in their lives. I sure have. You pretty much have a biological impulse that tells you how bad you want her. Just don't get creepy and stalky, of course ;)

    Make sure you still have another goal in life, though, that can ground you and maybe pull some focus off of her.
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    OP is no longer here.
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