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Does an R2S turbocharger,2 stage turbocharger and twin turbo mean the same

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    does the r2s turbo , a 2 stage turbo and a twin turbo mean the same ...well my idea of a 2 stage turbo is that where compression of air takes place in 2 stages ..so does it consist of 2 compressors?
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    There is no standard nomenclature with this.

    2 Stage turbocharging is fairly clear - There are two turbos an LP and a HP (in series). There will be some measure of bypass and control.
    Twin turbo/biturbo can either mean 2 stages of turbo charging (series), or two seperate single stage turbos (parallel).
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    can you elaborate when you say 2 separate 2ingle stage turbos i.e parallel?
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    Say on a V engine. You could have one large turbo feeding both banks, or Two identical turbos, one to feed each bank.
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    A good example of twin single stage turbo engines are BMW diesels. These feature a small turbo which prevents turbo lag at low engine RPM, along with a larger turbo for higher RPM
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    The R2s is basically a "compound turbo" in a single package where typical compound turbo setups run two separate turbochargers.
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    Saw one on the LeMans audi testing at the shuttle landing facility two weeks ago.
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