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Does anybody know a site where i can find many epsilon delta problems?

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    I'm sick of still not getting this. I bombed the epsilon delta part of my mid term. A site where it gives many problems on epsilon delta and solutions would be amazing.
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    The amazing thing about [itex]\epsilon - \delta[/itex] proofs is that you can make them up yourself!

    Take any function [itex]f:\mathbb{R}\to\mathbb{R}[/itex] that you know is continuous. And prove the limit exists.

    You know the limit from intuition, now prove that what you think is correct through the use of epsilons and deltas!
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    You do not need a site to find them. Look in any good Calculus 1\2 textbook. You will find plenty there. Also, if you need to get a good handle on doing these epsilon delta limits proofs, there is a YouTube channel, "bullcleo1".
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    I really like this guy's http://tutorial.math.lamar.edu/Classes/CalcI/DefnOfLimit.aspx" [Broken]. Hope you find it useful. :smile:
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    Ditto. Whomever Paul is, I love him. That site is great.
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    Thanks. Read it over. But i'm really looking for a site with just A BUNCH of problems so i can get more practice on them. Would anybody know of such sites?
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    Try one of the Schaum series books, I remember using one that was probably called "mathematical analysis 2", it had a lot of proof-based calculus problems.
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    Practicing will be useless if it doesn't help you understand the concept. Understand the concept visually and in other ways (like a game where I give you epsilon and challenge you to find delta). Then, practice. There's no general procedure that will always work. You just have to have some intuition and creativity.
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