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Does gravity apply to ionised objects?

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    Eg. If I ionised myself (ignoring other problems) would I fall through the floor and eventually stop moving at the center of the gravitational body I was on (assuming I didn't make an orbit).
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    Gravity certainly does apply to ionized objects, but I have no idea why you think that ionized objects would fall through the floor. They would hit the floor and stop like any other object.
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    Gravity applies to all the objects which possess mass and force of gravity is given by the formula:

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    Furthermore, just about all macroscopic items carry some non-zero charge - i.e. are ionized. Observationally, nothing odd happens.
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    It is unlikely that you could actually "ionise" yourself. You could possibly add to or remove a very few of the 10^24, or so electrons but that would not make you into an Ion. An Ion is a specific thing - an atom with an unbalanced charge.
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    Most of us are rather uncharged, so we are not subject to the electromagnet [EM] force between ourselves and other charged objects. If you were to take on a charge, then you would be subject to the EM force. This would be in addition to the gravity which always acts between you and other bodies.
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