What is Apply: Definition and 508 Discussions

In mathematics and computer science, apply is a function that applies a function to arguments. It is central to programming languages derived from lambda calculus, such as LISP and Scheme, and also in functional languages. It has a role in the study of the denotational semantics of computer programs, because it is a continuous function on complete partial orders. Apply is also a continuous function in homotopy theory, and, indeed underpins the entire theory: it allows a homotopy deformation to be viewed as a continuous path in the space of functions. Likewise, valid mutations (refactorings) of computer programs can be seen as those that are "continuous" in the Scott topology.
The most general setting for apply is in category theory, where it is right adjoint to currying in closed monoidal categories. A special case of this are the Cartesian closed categories, whose internal language is simply typed lambda calculus.

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  1. chris25

    Which system to apply conservation of momentum to?

    For this problem I was very confused whether conservation of angular momentum should be applied to the person, the swing or the person-swing system. It seems to me that there is no net torque on any of the three systems I listed above. However, it seems that the angular momentums of the three...
  2. D

    B What about if I apply HUP to myself?

    Hi HUP states that if i know the exact position of a particle there must be infinite uncertainty in its momentum. What about if i apply HUP to myself ? Is it not possible for me to know that i am standing at a specified position and not moving ; implying zero uncertainty in both position and...
  3. chwala

    How to apply BODMAS correctly in the given problem

    ##4\div 6(4+1)## Now we both agreed on 1st step that is applying 'B'; ##4\div 6(5)## Now from this step; my understanding is that we apply 'O' that is 'Of' implying Multiplication. ##4\div30=\dfrac{4}{30}=\dfrac{2}{15}## On the other hand;my colleague was of the thinking that 'O' just...
  4. G

    Apply the Legendre Transformation to the Entropy S as a function of E

    Hi, Unfortunately I am not getting anywhere with task three, I don't know exactly what to show Shall I now show that from ##S(T,V,N)## using Legendre I then get ##S(E,V,N)## and thus obtain the Sackur-Tetrode equation?
  5. decisivedove

    Admissions Should I apply to Physics PhD programs?

    Hi, I am a senior at a large research public university in the US (UC Davis). I really want to go to grad school but I am not sure if I should apply this year. I am only 19 years old (I graduated high school with an associates in physics) so this is only my second real year of college and I...
  6. DannyLouis888

    Physics Apply for a post doc with different topics from my PhD projects?

    Hi everyone! How can I apply for a post-doc that is in a different field from my current PhD topic? I.e. I would like to make a transition. However, I need to learn how to say and justify that I am competent in the fields I have rarely touched. In addition, I have yet to publish at the moment...
  7. Lluis Olle

    I When and how can I apply Born rigidity condition?

    Hello, I try to better understand how and when I can apply the Born rigidity condition. So, for the following example: We've two space probes (Pa and Pb), that travel at an exact equal and same proper acceleration. At a given time tb0 in Pb, and as measured by Pb, the distance is Lba0 (it's...
  8. E

    Apply trigonometric methods in solving problems

    Summary: Hey, I'm getting confused with this question and don't think I'm doing it right, I was wondering if anyone could help me Tides vary so the high tide and low tide height of the water is different every day. At certain times of the year, such as a Spring tide, the water can be very deep...
  9. S

    Engineering Looking for calculations I could apply to a vacuum-forming machine

    So far I have determined the evacuation time, a basic heat transfer between the heating element and plastic sheet, and a hold down force of the forming bed.
  10. M

    How to apply divergence free (∇.v=0) in nodal finite element method?

    I know how to apply boundary condition like Dirichlet, Neumann and Robin but i have been struggling to apply divergence free condition for Maxwells or Stokes equations in nodal finite element method. to overcome this difficulties a special element was developed called as edge element but i don't...
  11. Ahmed1029

    I When does the second uniqueness theorem apply?

    For the second uniqueness theorem of electrostatics to apply, does the outer boundary enclosing all the conductors have to be at a constant potential?
  12. L

    Force to apply to a loop moving away from a current-carrying wire

    What I have done: (1) ##\Phi(\vec{B})=\int_{S}\vec{B}\cdot d\vec{S}=-\frac{N\mu_0 il}{2\pi}\int_{s=h}^{s=h+l}\frac{ds}{s}=-\frac{\mu_0iNl}{2\pi}\ln(\frac{h+l}{h})## so ##\mathcal{E}=-\frac{d\phi(\vec{B})}{dt}=-\frac{\mu_0iNl^2v}{2\pi h(h+l)}## so...
  13. K

    I How to apply potential operator ##V(\hat{x})##

    I want some clarification on the potential operator ##V(\hat{x})##. Can you please help me ------------------------------ Is the action of ##V(\hat{x})## defined by its action on the position kets as ##\hat{V}(x)|x\rangle=V(x)|x\rangle##? Then we'd have for any ket ##|\psi\rangle## that...
  14. Z

    On which objects can we apply Gauss' Law to find the electric field?

    What am I missing? I also don't get the title of the section: "Charge distributions with enough symmetry for Gauss's Law". I thought Gauss's Law was valid for any closed surface enclosing a charge. I don't understand what "enough symmetry" means in the title above. I get that with symmetry...
  15. ergospherical

    I Sufficient Conditions for Strong Cosmic Censorship

    In a podcast with Sean Carroll and Roger Penrose (link :) ), it's briefly discussed that one can cook up certain unphysical examples of spacetimes in which SCC is violated. Indeed, in Harvey Reall's BH notes (link), it's written that: What is a sufficient set of restrictions required in order...
  16. LCSphysicist

    Inside glass, can I apply relativity of speed for light?

    I was doing a exercise which considerst he time it takes for light travels a glass with thickness proper D and velocity v. The speed of light is c/n inside the glass. Now, my approach was to go to the glass frame, take the relative speed between the glass and the light using the trivial formula...
  17. G

    Physics What kind of graduate schools should I apply to given my stats?

    Hello, I am a senior physics student who is interested in applying to graduate school for physics. I am having a hard time figuring out where to apply, what my safe, match and reach schools are, and in general deciding where I can even get into if I apply so I don't waste hundreds of dollars on...
  18. A. Neumaier

    I Heisenberg on ''uncertainty relation does not apply to the past''

    In post #30 of a now closed thread, vanhees71 wrote: The quote in question is from his 1930 book "The Physical Principles of the Quantum Theory" on p.20 of the English translation of the German original. There Heisenberg writes:
  19. Z

    Other Auto Apply 5000: Automated Job Application Bot for Effortless Job Hunting

    I created a bot that can automatically apply to jobs for me while I sleep. I let her rip for about 30 seconds, and she had applied to 10 jobs already. I'm going to just let her go while I sleep tonight and see what happens. She simply finds jobs with the "Apply with your Indeed Resume" option...
  20. Vandenburg

    B How does conservation of energy apply at the nuclear level?

    Electrons rotate around a nucleus for long periods of time. Where does the energy for this motion come from? Ok, I realize that electrons don't actually rotate around the nucleus, like a tiny solar system. But if the electron is wave function, it's still constantly vibrating, constant...
  21. G

    Does Poiseuille's Law apply for vertical motion of fluids down a tube?

    I investigated the flow rate of differing dilutions of glycerol through an orifice of a vertical tube and obtained the following: I'm looking for a way to quantify these results so looked to Poiseuille's Law; I'm pretty sure my graph does not show inverse proportion? Could anyone advise me as...
  22. mcastillo356

    Implicit differentiation: why apply the Chain Rule?

    Hi, PF ##y^2=x## is not a function, but it is possible to obtain the slope at any point ##(x,y)## of the equation without previously clearing ##y^2##. It's enough to differentiate respect to ##x## the two members, treat ##y## like a ##x## differentiable function and make use of the Chain Rule...
  23. R

    I Don't Understand Transformers/How to Apply Them

    1. We know that a transformer splits a circuit into a primary and secondary circuit. So then, does the secondary coil act as a voltage source for the secondary circuit, or a current source for the secondary circuit? Does it depend on whether the primary circuit uses a voltage/current source as...
  24. P

    When do formulas for adiabatic processes apply?

    In this problem, the method used to solve the question is to equate pdV with change in internal energy. This implies an adiabatic process as Q = 0? (not sure about this claim) However, why is it not correct to simply apply the PV^ϒ = constant formula? Thank you.
  25. Jack of some trades

    Does Watt's Law apply to flowing water in a pipe?

    Is the heat generated by flowing water in a pipe proportional to the product of the rate of flow and the pressure drop across the section of pipe in question, analogous to an electrical circuit? If so, what units would you plug into get an answer in watts?
  26. Y

    When Should I Apply ΔH After Calculating Q in Thermodynamics?

    I understand the difference between ΔH and Q, but when I calculate Q will I always calculate ΔH after it?
  27. A

    Does Newton's Third law apply to torque/rotation?

    For example, let's say i have force acting on an object about some pivot. That object will apply an equal force about the same pivot, at equal lever arm, back. So there it seems like if the forces are in line, acting on the same pivot point, there is an equal and opposite torque. However, if i...
  28. P

    Hooke's law does not apply when there is friction, right?

    Summary:: I am not sure about how can I write an appropriate equation to a question which include friction force and initial velocity. I came across a question that I am not sure how to write an equation.In the question, there is an object of mass m that is thrown into spring at v initial...
  29. S

    Mathematica Ratio of functions -- automatically apply l'Hospital rule when needed

    I want to plot the ratio f1(x) / f2(x), where they have some common zeros. Does Mathematica have a feature that will do this, switching automatically to f1'(x) / f2'(x) when appropriate, avoiding F.P. errors and optimizing numerical precision? If not, is there a good way to implement this?
  30. Frigus

    B How to apply Lenz' law if we don't know what to oppose?

    In this question I can't understand how the loop is opposing the change in flux, I can solve it by simply imagining a bar magnetic with south pole pointing outwards placed inside the plane of image but how do I know that it is the same case as that of bar magnet? What if their is a case in...
  31. snoopies622

    B Does E=mc^2 apply to gravitational potential energy?

    I'm reading Schutz's A First Course In General Relativity and in chapter 5 he discusses an idealized experiment in which an object is dropped from a tower, then turned into a photon and sent back up to its original height. In classical mechanics we would say that as the object falls it loses...
  32. F

    B Does the prism equation (i+e = A+δ) apply to all prisms?

    Does prism equation (i+e = A+δ) apply to all prims, equilateral and right angled? And does it fail for normal incidence on a prism? For eg. when light is incident normally on one of the sides of an equilateral prism, it deviates the light through 60°. i+e = 0. A+δ = 60+60 = 120°.
  33. Z

    Help Zhwan Apply for Chartered Engineer (CEng) at IMechE

    Summary:: Dear Colleagues, Need Assistance and Recommendation (IMechE) I want to submit for Chartered Engineer (CEng) at Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE), UK. I need to fill up the application form. However, I really in need for samples how to fill up the application form to apply...
  34. Selfphysicslearner

    Why does a car apply a force to a wall?

    when we have 0 acceleration(constant speed) like a car traveling at a constant speed, ƒnet=ma ƒnet=(mobject+mfriction).(aobject+afriction) let m object be 1500 kg. m friction be 10 kg a object be 0 a friction be 20m/s^2 so when we calculate fnet=-20*1600=-32 000 Newtons. which means wall applies...
  35. anuttarasammyak

    B Does Buoyancy Apply When Not Fully Submerged?

    I am discussing with friends whether concept of buoyancy is applicable even if the full surface of body is not covered by fluid(s). As an example a clay ball is dropping in the pool water. Buoyancy is working on the ball. Then it reaches the pool flat and sticks with it to make a mountain...
  36. K

    How Do You Calculate Forces when The Lorentz Force Doesn't Seem to Apply?

    If the mu of the ferrite is high, as suggested, the B field on that section of wire is zero, and therefore there is no force on the wire. Instead there is a comparable force on the ferrite itself. But suppose you allow the ferrite to have different values of mu. If mu=1 the force is just...
  37. A

    Can I apply Bernoulli's equation to this situation?

    Can Bernoulli's equation be applied between points 1 and 2, ignoring the another tank ?
  38. L

    Building jig for a project, trying to think of the ISO standard that would apply

    Building jig for a project, trying to think of ISO that would apply. So far i got ISO 8888 ISO 10377 ISO 14990 ISO MADECan somebody help
  39. G

    I Does classical mechanics apply to the quantum world at all?

    I know we can't use classical mechanics to describe or measure the quantum. That is not what I'm asking. I am asking whether particles still follow the same rules like action/reaction if there is a force involved. If electron A interacts with electron B, is Newton's 3rd law still being applied...
  40. A

    I Does p=mc Apply To Photons? | A.P. French's Special Relativity

    In A.P. French's Special Relativity, the author said the following, As I understand, photons are massless, so I don't think the last equation above applies to photons, but then, when deriving it, he used an equation proper to photons (##E=pc##). So in which context is ##m=p/c## valid?
  41. WMDhamnekar

    MHB What is the Value of \(x^5+y^5+z^5\) Given Initial Polynomial Conditions?

    $\left\{ \begin{array}{rcl} x+y+z &=& 1\\ x^2+y^2+z^2 &=& 2\\ x^3+y^3+z^3 &=& 3 \\ x^5+y^5+z^5 &=& ? \end{array}\right.$How to find out $x^5+y^5+z^5=?$
  42. JD_PM

    Understanding how to apply the method of images to the wave equation

    Exercise statement Find the general solution for the wave equation ftt=v2fzzftt=v2fzz in the straight open magnetic field tube. Assume that the bottom boundary condition is fixed: there is no perturbation of the magnetic field at or below the photosphere. Solve means deriving the d’Alembert...
  43. H

    Programs How many REUs should I apply to? (sophomore Physics/Astro double major)

    I'm a sophomore physics/astronomy double major + math minor at a large research university. (My university has an applied math department and a pure math department; I'm doing the pure math minor.) I have a GPA of 3.7 and (so far) A's in all my physics and astronomy courses, and A's in all my...
  44. T

    Questions about using an Inertia Wheel to apply a compressive linear force

    Summary: How to define dimensions of an inertia wheel Firstly, I have been working in aviation industry, making me to involve in the Physics a lot. For the last few weeks, There have been a problem to solve since the manfacturer had not wanted to help us by not sharing information. We have...
  45. B

    Does Planck's relation apply to radio waves?

    I have some doubts about whether Planck's relation (E=hf) applies to radio waves. This has been bugging me because trying to apply Planck's relation to radio frequency results in some inconsistencies that I've been unable to resolve. BTW, I have no physics training, so please go easy on me...
  46. R

    Apply the Delta Wye Transform to a Circuit

    I'm trying to get transform the larger circuit into the smaller one and then from there calculate power. My plan was to do the transform and then use kirchhoffs laws to find the current tofind the power. My work so far: Is the sequence of steps I used valid? I'm not focusing on the calculations...
  47. SloshyUser

    Schools What Schools Should I Apply to as a Transfer Student?

    Hello everyone so I currently am a first-year college student attending my local state university but am wanting to transfer out after this year and I was wondering what schools I should look into. Any input would be very appreciated as I have to pay for my own applications and well, college...
  48. Gjmdp

    Admissions Can I apply to a US PhD program with an UK Bachelor degree?

    In many british universities, like the University of Cambridge, the UK bachelor (1st class), with a duration of 3 years, is the minimum accepted requirement to apply for a PhD. This is, some PhD students only hold a UK bachelor, without a Master's degree. I was wondering if a british bachelor...
  49. D

    What happens if I apply a voltage to human flesh?

    if i apply a voltage to human flesh, human flesh would be at the full voltage? because i performed an experiment. i connect one end of a wire to the the palm of my hand. i connect the other end to a battery. i connect the first battery to a second battery. i connect the second battery to a...
  50. Apollo_3322

    Programs What programs can I apply to ?

    Greetings, I hope you're all having a nice day, I only recently created this account looking for some answers on an issue I've been having, however, upon going through some posts I realized that everyone has their own variations, which left me no choice but to consult the community directly. I...