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Does gravity get destroyed in a black hole ?

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    Does gravity get destroyed in a black hole ? If the Higgs particle creates mass in the universe and higgs are destroyed in a black hole, then the total gravity in the universe must diminish over time , hence the universe expanding ?
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    Gravity exists insides a black hole.

    The expansion of the universe was caused in the big bang (but NOT as an explosion, in case you have that canard in your head) and the acceleration of the expansion is caused by what is given the place-holder name "dark energy" because we don't know what it is, just what it does.
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    Gravity is pretty much the only thing which a black hole does NOT destroy.
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    It does not.

    The higgs mechanism (not the particle) is responsible for the rest mass of fundamental particles. The mass of composite particles and systems of objects is a combination of this type of mass plus the energy inherent in the system.

    Higgs bosons are unstable and decay almost instantly. They do not exist in nature in any significant quantity.

    Certainly not.

    The universe is expanding, but it has nothing to do with black holes and higgs bosons.
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