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Does Michel Guillen hold 3 PhD's?

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    I read its biography, and it seems that he has 3 PhD's: " Dr. Guillen earned his B.S. from UCLA and his Ph.D. in physics, mathematics and astronomy from Cornell University."
    But, it seems quite strange for me, if a PhD has a duration of aprox 10 years, he has been studying for almost half of her life! So maybe I'm not understanding well. I though Cornell had a 3-PhD program, but in its website there is nothing about it. So guys, I think you'll know much better than me: Does Michael Guillen hold 3 PhD's in the most difficult fields?
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    Well, I think your first PhD has a run time of 10ish years, but after that, you can knock them out pretty quickly, as you don't have to redo your bachelors and masters degrees.
    Worth noting: I have 0 PhD's.
    Really, I think you can do your first in 8 if you work at it, and do really well the whole time. 4 for bachelors, 2 for masters and 2 for PhD. Then an additional 2 for each PhD.
    I believe he means 4-5 years if you don't do masters. If you read the insights article here, one of the things mentioned is that you can essentially skip the masters program and go straight into the doctorate program.

    By this logic, you can have 3 phd's in about 12 years, so by the time you're 30. This seems especially reasonable with these fields, as a lot of the classes may or may not overlap, so essentially your second and 3rd would be about your dissertation, and that's on you.

    Also worth noting:
    Honorary PhD's are a thing, and they are "given" out to people based on accomplishments or whatever criteria the school deems necessary. I think NdGT has a few of those.

    So as far as Guillen, I have no idea. It's feasible, though.
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    It appears as though he got 1 phd which was in all 3 subjects, and then some honorary ones.
    "He has received Honorary Doctorates from the University of Maryland and Pepperdine University."
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