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Does QM solve/resolve a few philosophical issues in Physics?

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    QM seems something out of our everyday experience and to some it might seem unusual/weird/undeliverable/a hoax....yet..... perhaps it actually solves some of the conundrums in classical physics

    Does QM solve/resolve a few philosophical issues in Physics?

    1) Classical physics says that every event has to have a cause. Thus the cause would have to have a cause etc.....but this leads us into an endless logic, an infinite loop.

    QM fits in neatly where the concept of Quantum Determinacy solves the paradox in the above logic.

    It may also provide so solutions or a better understanding to -

    the problem of "infinite divisibility", time-space, maintenance of laws of conservation of mass-energy in peculiar situations

    What are your thoughts about QM providing a better picture/understanding of some of the unresolved things in classical physics?
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    Posts in philosophy must meet the same standards for scientific discussion as the science forums.
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