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I Does the anti-neutron decay with same timing as a neutron?

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    There is some discussion regarding the decay time of the neutron here for example.

    Has the decay time of the anti-neutron been predicted or seen to any degree of accuracy that could be compared to the decay times seen for the neutron? Is it expected to be the same?
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    The lifetime of all anti-particles are the same as those of the corresponding particles. Anything else would be in direct violation of CPT-symmetry.
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    There is no realistic way to capture anti-neutrons, so there is no direct experimental measurement of their lifetime. You can set lower limits in the microsecond range from collider experiments (a decay before they hit the detectors is very unlikely), but that is not very surprising. The lifetime ratios of various other particles have been measured, with very precise results (e. g. 10-4 level for muons) - all in agreement with CPT. It should be the same, and even if CPT is violated slightly, deviations should be incredibly small.
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