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Does toothpaste chemicals may be damage to our health?

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    Note: My english isnt well.
    Everyone knows toothpaste's has chemicals in variety. Floride is the main chemical. But how do you know if its not harm your health in the future?
    May be it cause cancer in the future. So what precautions do you take when you brush your teeths?
    How long have you brush your teeths?
    Are you take mouthwash while you doing this?
    Does toothpaste chemicals harm to human body?
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    Simon Bridge

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    No worries

    Everything has chemicals in variety.

    I see you have recently graduated bachelors in chemistry - so you know this.
    Have you tried looking up the ingredients for toothpaste and checking them out using your scientific skills?

    Toothpaste usually consists of a paste, a flavoring, and an abrasive.
    Many contain some flouride compound and a few also include a surfactant.
    There are more obscure ingredients in the expensive brands.

    ... well it is the most advertised. The paste woud be the main chemical while the most important one will be the abrasive.

    Bear in mind that "flouride" is not the whole chemical.
    The most common form is sodium flouride, but other forms are used.

    Flouride toothpastes have been in common use for a long time now and the health effects of the different flouride compounds are well researched.

    Or maybe not - do you have a reference?
    A qualified chemist is often seen as an authority in matters chemical so you should get into the habit of being able to back up this sort of statement with some sort of peer-reviewed study.

    The studies I've seen mainly involve eating large quantities. That isn't how toothpaste is normally used.

    You should be aware that anything can be bad for you if you use too much.
    That is what "too much" means.

    Do not exceed the recommended quantities.

    Note: this is a scientific forum:
    What is your scientific interest in member's personal hygiene routines?

    English language note: the plural is "teeth", the singular is "tooth".
    So one brushes one's teeth - except my great granny who only has one, so she brushes her tooth ;)

    All chemicals are harmful in large quantities.
    Keep to the use described on the label and you should be fine.

    The question is not a useful one though.
    What you really want to know is how harmful a chemical is and under what circumstances.
    We use a lot of potentially dangerous products in our lives, but we use them carefully so it's fine.
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