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Does universe expansion create new points in space?

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    apologies if this has been asked before:
    i'm trying to understand the expansion of the universe and i was wondering. . . . as the universe expands, are new points of space (or is it spacetime) being created?
    if the answer is 'yes', what are the ramifications of this? my understanding is that space is not just 'nothing' and that it has some interesting properties. does the creation of more of it make a difference?
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    No, new points in space are not created by expansion. The distance between two nearby points increases, but there was an infinite number of points between them before the expansion, and there's an infinite number of points between them after the expansion.
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    To follow up on Nugatory's answer, you might find it informative to Google "metric expansion" and check out the link in my signature
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    You cannot define a 'new' point in space without a fixed coordinate system. The universe has no definable ordinal point upon which to base any such coordinate system.
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    The way the universe expands, that is, the way distances increase, does have some interesting 'ramifications'. One discussion is here:


    Try the first eight or so posts, and if interested, also the Lineweaver and Davis reference in Post#1. That takes some time to absorb, but clarified things for me.

    In short, we get to 'see' new things as time passes. Once light is encompassed within the "Hubble radius", the light begins to make progress towards us and we eventually may get to 'see' it...if we live long enough. "see" here means we receive a light signal that was emitted a long time ago.
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