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A Double slit construction

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    How are the double slits constructed? If you use electrons or photons then they should interact with that material or what?
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    I think you are aware that the slits are essentially holes that the particles pass through. Particles that interact with the material itself will generally not make it to the screen or other recording device behind the slits.

    The construction of the slit barrier itself does not play a role in the double slit interference effects. The variable is whether or not it is possible to determine through which slit the particle traversed.
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    I read somewhere that a atom absorbs a photon and sends out a new one, and it is possible to say something about the material in this way. I guess it was Michio Kaku who said it. Is it wrong?
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    This can occur, true enough. However, this behavior does not contribute to the double slit effect in any manner. When light is used, the material used is not transparent. If there is any interaction with the material, the light does not pass through. Without going into a lot of detail, it is fairly easy to control for that.
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    I would love to know the details why photon or electron cant be affected by the slit itself.
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    As far as i know, atom is mostly empty space with different forces associated with it. How can you be sure about the interactions that occur?
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    Has anyone done an experiment with protons?
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