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Double Slit - Multiple Observers

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    I'm sorry if this has already been completed or already discussed. If so, just link me to answer the question, thanks.

    What if we conduct a double slit experiment with two observers?

    We use a detector to see which slit the electron passes through.

    Observer A receives results that the electron passed through slit A.

    Observer B receives results that the electron passed through slit B.

    We can give one observer automatically the incorrect result OR simply name what is slit A to observer 1 as Slit B to observer 2.

    Vice versa. Two observers getting different results, automatically. The experiment designer has no idea who is correct as far as which slit the electron passed through. It could be Observer A or Observer B.

    Would both observers report different results? It went through A? No! it went through B!
    OR would both observers report wave patterns! Does the experiment designer control the outcome?

    Has this experiment been done? An experiment with a test on more than one observer?

    Does one observer trump the next? Does the experiment designer trump the test subjects? Is conscious creation > observation?

    --Kurt Smetana
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    QM is weird, but not that weird. Both observers will see the same pattern on the screen and will rapidly conclude that either the experimenter is lying to them or the detectors are malfunctioning.
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