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A multiple-unit train or simply multiple unit (MU) is a self-propelled train composed of one or more carriages joined together, which when coupled to another multiple unit can be controlled by a single driver, with multiple-unit train control.
Although multiple units consist of several carriages, single self-propelled carriages - also called railcars, rail motor coaches or railbuses - are in fact multiple-units when two or more of them are working connected through multiple-unit train control (regardless if passengers can walk between the units or not).
The term multiple unit does not denote locomotives using multiple-unit train control.

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  1. A

    Mathematica - How to Go to Next Line Without Running Process?

    I am trying to run multiple lines input in Mathematica in the free-form input. From everything I read online, you simply hit "enter", but hitting enter runs my process. Both enters, the one next to my letters, and the one on the numerical keypad. Hitting shift+enter also runs it. I can't...
  2. Birck

    Powering multiple devices in a low-voltage DC circuit

    Hello, I'm putting together a shutter-speed testing device. I have the schematic at hand, but my question is this: If I need to power two or three different devices in a DC circuit, each with low, but slightly different voltage requirements, can I do that by using a single powerful enough DC...
  3. Revolucien

    I Biphoton: Existence of layered or multiple entanglements

    I read this recent article describing photon quantum entanglement to produce higher resolution microscope. https://phys.org/news/2023-05-quantum-entanglement-photons-microscope-resolution.html I am curious if quantum entanglement could exist in layers with a third or more entanglement feature...
  4. A

    Induced voltage in loop with multiple switches

    If a current flowing within a loop is interrupted by a switch a spark occurs at some point which is a result of the built up potential across the opening switch contacts due to the stored energy in the magnetic field that was created by the flowing current. But what happens if I have a loop...
  5. Grizzly_1

    Gravitational equipotential multiple choice problem

    Hello everyone, thank you for taking your time to read this. I was assigned a homework task of multiple choice questions to do with gravitational fields. This is one of the last questions and I have been pondering over it for some time now. I don't understand how any sort of answer is...
  6. F

    I Expected coefficient change from simple to multiple linear regression

    Hello forum, I have created some linear regression models based on a simple dataset with 4 variables (columns). The first models simply involve one predictor variable: $$Y=\beta_1 X_1+\beta_0$$ and $$Y=\beta_2 X_2+ \beta_0$$ The 3rd model is multiple linear regression model involving the 3...
  7. W

    Where Are the Other Detectors for F5 Tally in MCNP?

    The MCNP manual states that you can have multiple detectors for a single F5 tally. Say you have f15:n x1 y1 z1 r x2 y2 z2 r.....Thing is, my output file only lists the tally result for the first f5 detector (x1,y1,z1). Where are other detectors for this tally? Is there a reason code developers...
  8. P

    I How can multiple entangled Qubits be represented and visualized?

    One Qubit can be represented on the Bloch sphere. How would multiple entangled Qubits (say 2 or 3) be represented? Classically, one would think that if one Qubit is represented on a Bloch sphere, 2 Qubits would be represented on 2 Bloch spheres, but I'm pretty sure it doesn't work this way. I...
  9. Sciencemaster

    I Calculating Spacetime Around Multiple Objects

    In describing the spacetime around a massive, spherical object, one would use the Schwarzschild Metric. What metric would instead be used to describe the spacetime around multiple massive bodies? Say, for example, you want to calculate the Gravitational Time Dilation experienced by a rocket ship...
  10. paulimerci

    Torques exerted on a vertical disk by multiple forces

    This was how the solution was arrived in the text, Net torque = F block x d block x sin ϴ0 + F rod x d rod x sin ϴ0 - T R sin 90 0 = 2mg x 2R x sin ϴ0 + m x R x sinϴ0 - T R T = 5 mg sinϴ0 I'm wondering do we have to resolve the forces for rod and block in to...
  11. S

    Probability of Hypokalemia w/ 1 or Multiple Measurements

    TL;DR Summary: Finding the probability with one measurement and multiple measurements on separate days. Question: Hypokalemia is diagnosed when blood potassium levels are low, below 3.5 mmol/L. Let’s assume we know a patient whose measured potassium levels vary daily according to N(µ = 3.8...
  12. S

    I Multiple (Non-Interacting) Universes?

    Before anything, I would like to clarify that I am aware that this is speculative physics more than established mainstream physics (and Smoot is not claiming that his ideas are true). However I think that it is interesting to discuss these models even if they are not yet proven to be right. I...
  13. M

    B Destructive Interference in the sound of multiple firecrackers set off at once?

    There is a massive and continuous fireball as fire crackers are exploding, generating thousands of shockwaves. Perhaps they are bouncing off each other and cancelling each other out like noise cancelling headphones,
  14. YouAreAwesome

    B Can a log have multiple bases?

    Hi, I tutor maths to High School students. I had a question today that I was unsure of. Can the natural log be to the base 2? The student brought the question to me from their maths exam where the question was: Differentiate ln(base2) x^2 If the natural log is the inverse of e then how does...
  15. The Bill

    I Name of distance to nearest multiple of n function?

    I've defined this function to clean up some pages of work I've been doing on relations of integers modulo n. Let's call it mav(a,n) for now. mav(a,n) for integers a and n is equal to the Euclidean distance from a to the nearest multiple of n. To compute it in programming languages I've been...
  16. RealityMechanics

    Determining Reverse Mass Flow Rate Formula for Multiple Diameter Tubes

    Alright, this is more of a conceptual question than a HW question that will nonetheless help me design something. In the attached image, air is flowing through a large area tube and then a small area tube from right to left. A collaborator previously figured out the equation for measuring the...
  17. T

    Medical Universal Virus? - mononucleosis, chronic fatigue, multiple sclerosis....

    forget about chronic fatigue, I remembered it has been tracked to gut bacteria! Epstein-Barr virus seems to be associated with many conditions. "Associated" is the operative there because almost everyone is a host for Epstein-Barr. Science News has a somewhat long but quite readable article...
  18. J

    Moving in a straight line with multiple constraints

    Hi All, I am trying to solve what I think should be a simple problem, but I must be missing something because I am struggle to solve it. The situation is shown below: So to summarise: A body starts at Point A It moves in a straight line to Point B, covering a distance of 10m The time taken...
  19. shivajikobardan

    MHB Why did we remove multiple document types within an index in ElasticSearch?

    The answer is this-: Because we can't declare a field of different data types within a same index in different document types. Say there's an index called "college". Then there are document types called "student" "teacher" "administration" "staff". What problem would occur if we allow this...
  20. merlyn

    B A friend of mine sent me these pictures showing multiple shadows

    A friend of mine send me these pictures showing three shadows during the day. The time of day was approx 11:45 and it was overcast. He asked me what was causing this effect. Basically you see three shadows. My hypothesis is that the overcast is diffusing the light causing scattering and the...
  21. WMDhamnekar

    Using Multiple integrals to compute expected value

    I want to know how did author derive the red underlined term in the following Example?
  22. WMDhamnekar

    Change of variables in multiple integrals

    Summary: Find the volume V of the solid inside both ## x^2 + y^2 + z^2 =4## and ## x^2 +y^2 =1## My attempt to answer this question: given ## x^2 + y^2 +z^2 =4; x^2 + y^2 =1 \therefore z^2 =3 \Rightarrow z=\sqrt{3}## ## \displaystyle\iiint\limits_R 1dV =...
  23. shivajikobardan

    MHB Why is Fragmentation Offset Multiple of 8? Understanding IPv4 Fragmentation

    I am studying about ipv4 fragmentation. This is ipv4 header. The fields of concern here are-: -> identification(16 bit) -> Flags(3 bit) -> fragment offset(13 bit) -> Total length(16 bit)...
  24. shivajikobardan

    Comp Sci Ipv4 fragmentation number of bytes not in multiple of 8

    Theory that I am trying to understand-: So i found a question that is relevant to this-: ->a total of 1440 bytes that is routed through an interface with MTU of 576 bytes. Calculate flag, fragmented offset, total length and data transmitted in each packet after fragmentation. Assume IP header...
  25. WMDhamnekar

    MHB Triple Integrals: Finding Volume of Solid S Bounded by Planes

    Find the volume V of the solid S bounded by the three coordinate planes, bounded above by the plane x + y + z = 2, and bounded below by the z = x + y. How to answer this question using triple integrals? How to draw sketch of this problem here ?
  26. V

    B Magnetic generator multiple poles. Cancel out or short circuit?

    Science project. Real generator. But self made generator multiple magnets. What happens if I spin bar magnets inside a copper wire ring? Instead of rotating 2 separate copper rings inside a magnet that will split different flowing current on to different wires where a brush can join them...
  27. S

    I Multiple questions about eigenstates and eigenvalues

    I have multiple questions about eigenstates and eigenvalues. The Hilbert space is spanned by independent bases. The textbook said that the eigenvectors of observable spans the Hilbert space. Here comes the question. Do the eigenvectors of multiple observables span the same Hilber space? Here...
  28. B

    B Multiple entanglements question

    I understand if two particles are entangled, and one is observed, then the other would have the opposite spin without being observed. But what happens when multiple particles are entangled and then one particle is observed? What does it tell us about the rest of them?
  29. Reinhardt Walzer

    I Time Dilation along Multiple Axes

    Been studying Special Relativity in Uni. and I've noticed that all examples of relativistic motion provided are motions only along a single axis, like the one below: The particle's Reference Frame is moving only along the X axis in the example above. In this case the Lorentz Transformation for...
  30. brotherbobby

    Multiple angles : Reducing the sum

    Problem Statement : Let me copy and paste the problem as it appears in the text : Attempt : I haven't been able to make any significant attempt at solving this problem, am afraid. I tried to reduce all the higher submultiple angles ##2\theta, 4\theta, 8\theta## into ##\theta##, but the...
  31. jim mcnamara

    Multiple Sclerosis and Epstein-Barr virus infection

    Statnews article: https://www.statnews.com/2022/01/13/strong-new-evidence-suggests-virus-triggers-multiple-sclerosis/ Evidence from a colossal blood bank at Walter Reed Army Hospital allowed researchers to look over a long time span of samples for a huge number of US service men/women. The...
  32. G

    What are the underlying structures of multiple primal entities?

    If there exists more than one primal entity type, must not then those entities have underlying structure indicating more primitive entities, and does this not lead us to the logical conclusion that there must be a single most primitive entity which composes all that is the universe?
  33. AntSC

    Acceleration-Time Graph and Velocity Multiple Choice Question

    The variation with time t of the acceleration a of an object is shown What is the change in velocity of the object from ##t=0## to ##t=6##? A. ##6ms^{-1}## B. ##8ms^{-1}## C. ##10ms^{-1}## D. ##14ms^{-1}## So apparently the answer is B, which I am having trouble reconciling. Using methods...
  34. M

    MHB Multiple choice test : random variable

    Hey! 😊 A multiple choice test consists of 10 questions. For every question there are five possible answers, of which exactly one is correct. A test candidate answers all questions by chance. (a) Give a suitable random variable with value range and probability distribution in order to work on...
  35. A

    Medical Multiple simultaneous sample observations on a Microscope device?

    Is it possible to design & construct a Microscope (optical or Electron) which can take multiple slides samples instead of a single sample slide at a time?. Possible construction of the Sample Slides target is a circular disc holding say 5-10 sample slides. The Circular disc can be rotated...
  36. karush

    MHB 5 multiple choice with radio buttons and scores the selection

    \begin{Form} Let f be the function given by $f(x)=300+x^3$. On which of the following intervals is the function f increasing?\par \ChoiceMenu[radio,radiosymbol=\ding{108}, name=b] {\textcolor{white}{}}{ } $(-\infty,-10]\cup[10,\infty)$ \par...
  37. warhammer

    To find total work done from multiple reversible processes

    The question is given in 3 parts. For first part, process is isochoric so Work done=0. We know here that at end of the process (a), T2=T1 while V remains constant (we can take it as V1) so P2=2P1. For second part, process is isothermal so T is constant. At end of process we reach P1 again from...
  38. S

    Prove that if n^2 is a multiple of 2, then n is multiple of 2

    This is what I did: If n is multiple of 2, then n can be stated in the form of 2k, where k is integer. So: $$n^2=(2k)^2=4k^2=2(2k^2)$$ means that ##n^2## is multiple of 2 But I am pretty sure my working is wrong because I think what I did is the other way around, proving ##n^2## is multiple of...
  39. Arman777

    Python Importing multiple modules from a subfolder to another folder

    I am working on Windows 10 and using VSCode. In my project, the folder/file tree looks like this; \Equations __init__.py equation_producer.py \Objects __init__.py \GRTensors __init__.py metrictensor.py riccitensor.py riemanntensor.py ...Now I want to...
  40. S

    Which CAS use multiple representations for mathematical objects?

    How do various computer algebra systems (CAS) compare with respect to keeping multiple representations of the same mathematical object? For example, a polynomial could be represented by a list of coefficients, or a list of roots, or a list of factors with some factors non-linear. One design...
  41. sarahjohn

    Infinite Square Well with Multiple Particles

    Using the equation En = (h2*n2 ) / (8*m*L2), I got that E1 = 0.06017eV but the answer is not correct.
  42. DaalChawal

    MHB Shortcuts for Solving Multiple Integrals: Is There a Faster Way?

    I'm having a problem solving this, My approach is solving $x_1$ as a variable and rest as constants first and then going on further. But it is getting too lengthy. Is there any short method?
  43. P

    Can a compound have multiple structures?

    Can a compound have multiple structures? For example, I found two different versions of Sodium dichloride (Cl2Na-). https://pubchem.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/compound/22590707 https://pubchem.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/compound/57736105 What makes the difference between which of these compound structures is...
  44. A

    MHB Multiple choice question about electric fields and magnetic fields

    Consider a region where a 25-volt-per-meter electric field and a 15-millitesla magnetic field exist and are along the same direction. If the electron is in the said region, is moving at a direction 20 degrees counter-clockwise from the direction of the magnetic field, and is experiencing a total...
  45. M

    B Feasibility of multiple "big bangs"

    I found this pop-sci video which sounds plausible to myself but naturally I am not schooled in cosmology so wanted others opinion on the plausibility of it. Thoughts?
  46. Diego Josephia

    B Can We Discover Multiple Time Dimensions Like Space?

    Heloo guys, diego here, I was wondering if there exist multiple space dimensions, and we can only see in the 3th dimension, it is entirely possible to have multiple time dimensions. And another thing, we all learn(simplified version coming) 1 dimension is basically a point, 2nd dimension is a...
  47. M

    LaTeX Including several tex files in one: multiple defined labels

    Hi PF! I have a divided a main.tex into chapters, chapter_1.tex, chapter_2.tex... Each chapter is included in the main.tex via \include{chapter_1}. Each chapter also references equations. Is there a way to have each of the chapter_1.tex only reference that file's equations, sections, figures...
  48. WMDhamnekar

    MHB Multiple choices question on specific heats of gases

    Two cylinders A and B fitted with pistons contain equal amounts of an ideal diatomic gas at 300 K. The piston of A is free to move, while that of B is held fixed. The same amount of heat is given to the gas in each cylinder. If the rise in temperature of the gas in A is 30 K, then the rise in...
  49. mishima

    Piano Keyboard, detecting multiple keys pressed

    I have an old piano keybed I am trying to turn into a midi controller for a synthesizer. The keybed has 32 keys and is just a matrix of diodes and buttons. There are 2 buttons per key (2 buttons per note pressed on the piano). This is for MIDI velocity, ordinarily the time between the two...
  50. U

    Multiple choice Q: Mangetic fields and Spring Constant

    My attempt at a solution: Is my logic accurate/correct, and is my answer correct? I consider the forces acting to be: Restoring forces in springs parallel, and Force of the current-carrying conductor in the Magnetic field. I imagine a vertical displacement of y upwards ( direction determined...