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Dropped popcorn kernel from space will it pop?

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    "If You Dropped a Corn Kernel From Space, Would it Pop During Re-Entry?"

    This wacky question way emailed to the magazine Popular Science insufficiently answered in Jan 2009 p.80

    is it possible to figure mathematically this out without testing it
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    First ask - under what conditions does a kernel of popcorn pop, i.e. what causes a kernel to pop?

    Then ask, can a kernel of popcorn achieve these conditions during re-entry, or even in space, given the available sunlight and vacuum conditions?
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    "First ask" - I'm going to guess heat causes sufficient pressure inside the kernel.

    During atmospheric re-entry it gets pretty hot. Would the kernel vaporize or just burn instead of pop?
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    Would the falling corn actually have enough speed to get hot during re-entry though?
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