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News Dubai rape case Norwegian woman 'free to go'

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    What? You deny the teachings of Islam? Women exist to have babies and serve men. Good women don't get raped. They stay home and only go out with their brothers, fathers or husbands. So say the teachings of Islam (Shariah).

    EDIT: Ideally women should only go out with four (chaste) men because that's how many male witnesses are required to prove rape under Shariah Law.

    This from an Islamic help line:

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    So she went to jail for extramarital sex for being raped? You can't make sense of that if you tried. That's like someone shooting you, and then the police arresting you for stealing bullets.
    But it's even worse than that, because stealing is at least a real crime.
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    I don't trust Arab countries, and women should be especially careful, especially after seeing news like this. When a justice system doesn't work, you can't feel safe in a country. Really disturbing news...
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    You don't understand the "logic" of Shariah Law. To prove rape, the alleged rapist must either confess, or four "righteous" witnesses must come forward. Both rape and adultery are punishable by death under strict Shariah. All extramarital sex is a crime under Shariah and I think both parties were seen as guilty of that. I don't know the specifics of Shariah in Dubai but read the link in post 2.
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    To all, let's be sure not to make overly emotional posts that would shut down the thread. It's ok to discuss it from a legal standpoint.
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    Just another place I will never go to.
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    I feel realy bad for the woman simply because rape is a traumatizing thing in and of itself and many raped women even under normal circumstances have to muster a lot of courage and self-esteem to even report a rape. To then be called a liar and thrown in jail must have been an absolute death blow to her emotional state. I really don't get why people go to these socially backwards countries. I mean you should know what you're getting yourself into.
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    Totally agree WBN

    its horrific that this happens in the 21st century world of today

    its better just to stay away from these countries and their nightmare laws :(

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    It was a business trip. Probably didn't have much of a choice but to go...

    Looking at her pictures, you can definitely see she's gone through hell. She is 24 but looks like she could be my mother, and I'm 26. :bugeye: Poor thing.
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    Dafuq, women exist to have babies and to serve men? Are you even have a mother? Every human being must get same rights, women can do anything like men do.
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    Yes, I had a mother. I do not follow Shariah. Women do not have the same rights as men under Shariah Law. I was obviously pointing out the absurdity of strict Shariah Law.
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    He was sarcastic.
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    Oh, i thought you are a bad guy. Sorry, i misunderstood due to my bad english.

    If someone wants, look for buddhism
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    No problem. I admire the Buddhist philosophy.
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    When allow religious ideals to be passed as truths than this what you get.
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    These comments are exactly the type of comments we don't want in this thread (whether they are correct or not).
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    What can we discuss on this thread then? Religion has a lot to do with the case, most specifically Sharia law.
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    I think they are trying to keep it a legal/moral discussion but religion IS the law in this case I think, unfortunately.
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