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News The other view deserves to be shown

  1. Jan 12, 2009 #1
    Peace upon you

    i think that there is a great gap between the media direction and "directing" between Arabian and Western mass media ..

    i think that even the attitude of designing the sites shows a lot of the gap's features you can see it here in Aljazeera chanel site (the most famous in middle east) ...
    in arabic (just look at the designing)
    and in english

    and i liked this topic .. it is very objective , argumentative and reasonable

    this one of the Arabian newspaper that is written in english "the gulf today"
    another one ...

    written in english newspapers in arab world
    http://www.al-bab.com/media/newspapers.htm [Broken]

    i wanna say that every body should watch every case from every side available ...

    it's my view .. i think that western societies are generally affected by directed media in plenty of casews .. and this is what i've seen in Damascus, Dubai, Amman, Morroco and other places within the Arab world .. where a lot of western people swaped totally thier believes and views of the whole case ..

    my last word is for the most respected evo
    dear evo ..
    give free space for opinion and other opinion .. this how science .. inventions and world had made progress .. plz .. let other express thier feelings .. thier views .. let us respect every view and every opinion ..
    my respect to u .. dear respected evo

    best wishes for every body

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    Are you ofering any points of discussion or just trying to direct traffic to al-jazeera's biased viewpoint?

    And please stop with the colored font.

    Peace be with you.
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    Considering how some people think the press was too 'unincredulous' about Iraq prior to the invasion because of the post-911 zeitgeist and considering how some people think the press has a liberal bias, I think it would be naive to believe Al-Jazeera is bias free.

    However, before 9/11, Al-Jazeera was THE independent press in the Middle East and was extremely well respected. It actually originated as a division of the BBC and went independent when the BBC cut funding. Before 9/11, Al-Jazeera was the only news source covering things like Afghanistan.

    I'm sure they're as susceptible to bias as the US media is, and I'm sure things that have happened since 9/11 has created some bias. I'd be surprised if they're any more biased than the US news media, though, even if their bias would be distinctly different.

    I would say it would probably be best to take news from Al-Jazeera with about the same skepticism (or maybe a little bit more) as one does from any news source.

    Personally, I listen to things on MSNBC (Olbermann and Maddow in particular) and Fox with a great deal of skepticism and I'd find it hard to believe Al-Jazeera was more biased than either of those two stations.
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    hey there, it's really as you described, I mean why there should be two completely different thoughts about this ((WAR)) while the fact is one, and it seems that people should hear from the people who are affected by this war -Palastenians- which is not seen in the western media..
  6. Jan 13, 2009 #5
    peace upon u

    Dear seycyrus

    it's just an opinion ..

    mine is this ... i guess that it's not fair to say that Aljazeera an generally Arabian press are biased ... why ?? because they let you watch pix and videos that is not shown in some western media ??

    they are just letting you see the missed part of the picture ..
    killed civilian .. hunted children .. attacking non-military places and other things are facts ... it's up to you to believe or not .. and no one would obligate you to watch some thing and not to watch the other .. it's your personal freedom ..

    but in the end .. the truth would never been shown in one side ... you must listen to every bodys' opinions and broadcasting in order to form a picture and figure out the truth ..

    as example i read in Gulf Today and read in The Gaurdian, Washington Post too ..

    and i'll help as much as i can to say that we must not be attracted by one side's media .. as long as they are varying ..

    drizzle .. BobG ... thank you a lot for expressing your opinion .. my respect ..
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    It is just as unfair as stating that western TVs and press are biased.

    To some extent all are.

    Apat from multiplication table, where two times two is always four, there are no universal truths, especially when talking about human interactions. Each person humble opinion is always biased, each person can misread other peoples actions and intentions, no matter how objective one tries to be.
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    I think it helps the discussion if one can give a source (which is hopefully accurate) to support an opinion instead of making arbitrary claims. In my opinion, there's enough evidence to clearly suggest that IDF did not do enough to protect the lives of Palestinian citizens.

    For example, http://www.google.com/hostednews/afp/article/ALeqM5ghh3i-gp2cb36Mu7jxu6-xfBtnHw [Broken] where the UN cites palestinian witnesses who claim,

    The same story has also been reported by the BBC.

    Then, from a report from the Red Cross,

    The IDF are also http://www.google.com/hostednews/afp/article/ALeqM5gpsd7GlgD5FkIQiK2upUs2akmBTw [Broken], where the potential for the loss of civilian life is significant.

    Finally, while I think that Hamas is completely wrong in its terrorist act of firing rockets into Israel, I believe the scale of Israel's assault and the number of civilian casualties is completely disproportionate to the threat. In a previous thread, Russ had asked what I think an acceptable number of civilian casualties would be. I think it should be zero. IMO, the truce seemed to be moderately working in preventing the deaths of both Israeli and Palestinian citizens, and I think that this current assault was completely unnecessary.

    While http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Israelis_killed_by_Palestinians_in_Israel_and_Palestinians_killed_by_Israelis_in_Gaza_-_2008.png" [Broken] is from wikipedia, I believe that the data it presents corroborates well with other sources. I want to emphasize the fact that prior to the current assault, the period of truce seems to have been effective in preventing the deaths of Israeli citizens.


    Infact, some sources (this opinion piece from the WSJ, for instance) claim that Israel was also guilty of violating the cease-fire

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  9. Jan 13, 2009 #8
    peace upon u

    i didn't say niether that western press is biased .. nor that arabian is so ..

    i'm just wondering why this great gap apears ??

    we can accept the deffirence in opinions .. but when it comes to facts on land .. variation in opinions are less acceptable .. i mean .. some people may say apple is sweet others say it's just delicious but not sweet !! so we can vary in our opinions about how does the appple taste .. but it's not reasonable to have deffirent views about whether it's on the tree or not .. this must push you to go to the tree and find out the truth yourself ..
    while when you see a killed child or broken hearted women it's less accepted to neglect this case and insist on other issues .. it must push you to think

    finally i really respect every opinion ... and apreciate western media efforts .. and that's what make me read in The Gaurdian (for example)

    thank you a lot dear Borek .. it's a good point

    my best wishes
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    I think Aljazerra offers an valuable perspective on just about everything going on in the middle east, if for no other reason then it is so popular there. When it comes to politics and how nations interact, facts are not as relevant as opinions because facts do not make policy, people do. If a westerner wants to understand the middle east, and would like western polices to reflect that knowledge, they can't reasonably ignore what middle easterners have to say.

    I think even the people who scream "but Aljazerra is a terrorist organization and they just want everyone to hate the west!" should pay attention to Aljazerra because then they would at least understand what is influencing the actions of the people there.
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    I think your definition of "enough" is extremely subjective and biased. Israel is doing alot more to protect the lives of innocents than Hamas does! Intent matters here as it does in every other aspect of life!

    As was mentioend in the first thread that brought this up, accidents happen in war and tragically people die. What is your implied contention? That Israel herded peopel together so they could bomb them later? Ridiculous! If Israel were so callous they would have simply executed them originally, not saved them for later.

    I do not think you would be so unpassionately objective if it was your children being shot at by neighbors across the street, who just happened to be missing alot.

    There is alot of blame to pass around on the present situation in Gaza. Primarily the blame lies with the cowardly Hamas terrorists who hide behind the skirts of women and children. The smallest blame lies on the Israeli's who are trying to stop the thousands upon thousands of rocket attacks coming into their land.

    In between those two extremum, blame must be assigned to society and the members of soicety.

    How is it that we have allowed society to evolve to the point where somehow it is *ok* or *less bad* for terrorists to intentionally try to kill innocents, if they fail. Somehow it isn't *so bad* because they are inept??!!

    What madness is this?

    Noone would accept such a proposition in their personal, intimate lives, but because it is happening on a television screen far away it is acceptable?

    If someone was trying their very, very, very best to try to shoot you in the head, you wouldn't pretend they were innocent, just because they failed. Intent matters. To pretend otherwise allows atrocities to perpetuate.
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  12. Jan 13, 2009 #11
    It would be helpful if you were more specific in your inquiry. What specific gap are you referring to?

    The generality of your post makes it appear to me that you are trying to steer traffic towards al-jazeera.
  13. Jan 13, 2009 #12


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    Ok, this is exactly the same as previous threads on this. Now we're getting into misinformation about the number of civilians versus Hamas killed, people saying "look, dead people". Of course there are dead people. Again this is going nowhere and our main goal is to not make any group of members feel uncomfortable or unwelcome and this thread is doing exactly that. It is the same reason we do not allow religious discussions.
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