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Dugon, Haus You Dinikin, Du-Ah, secrets of twin speak

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    For all PF twins or members who have twins in their families, I am interested in what stories you have relating to this article, and second, if you are close to twins who developed partial or complete lanaguage, did it negatively affect their speech as adults.

    Finally, in the words of the great Pengwuino, DISCUSS !!!

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    I've tried inventing my own languages, and they almost always wind up looking like Native American languages, which are, in turn, just about the opposite of twin languages. (The verbs are not only highly conjugated, but are, in fact, the base form of all nouns and verbs, with the meaning of the base form of the verb being stative (e.g., the verb "eat" more nearly means "being in the condition of eating"). Besides this, Native American languages also have lots of directional particles, noun-class particles (such that a proper noun such as "Annie" might be rendered as "Woman Annie", and other such, which makes these languages very complicated to learn, but allows for great precision in expression.
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    There must be at least one set of twins on PF or a member who knows of a set of twins who did this.

    Rhody... shamelessly bumps his own thread, the nerve !!!
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    Our oldest are twins - boy/girl - and my wife is very active in the Mother of Twins clubs. Accordingly, we make the annual trip to Twinsburg, OH for the twins festival.

    I've gotten to know a few elderly sets of twins - they're the ones with the evolved secret languages.

    Ours had words that only made sense to them. Our daughter made up most of the words and he mimicked (mostly). She also did most of the talking and typically said "we" - rather than "I" or "me".

    As much as they claim to be different - they tend to do a lot of things the same (they don't realize it).
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    That is cool. The next time you are together, maybe you could post a sentence of two of their conversations, and a translation for us mere mortals.

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    The Mothers of Twins members call it "twinese".

    http://www.whattoexpect.com/blogs/twinsamothersjoyandinsanitydoubled/language-development-in-toddlerstwinese [Broken]

    Our twins are apart for the first time - different colleges. I'll ask them separately for a few words - to see if there's a difference. My wife and I compared notes and (let's just say) our data didn't coincide.
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