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E[f(X)] - Expectation of function of rand. var.

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    Hi quick question:

    Suppose you have a function of random variables given in the following way

    Z=X if condition A
    Z=Y if condition B

    where both X and Y are random variables, and conditions A & B are disjoint.

    Then would the expectation of Z be


    Thanks in advance.
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    No you need independence for that, what you really mean is
    where 1 is the indicator function. Now take the expectation
    [tex]\mathbb{E}[Z]=\mathbb{E}[X\mathbf{1}_A]+\mathbb{E}[Y\mathbf{1}_B] [/tex].

    Now you know that [itex]\mathbb{E}[\mathbf{1}_A]=\mathbb{P}(A)[/itex], but to separate the expectations, you need independence between X and A, also between Y and B.
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    Thank you Focus for your reply. I see my error.
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    You can use
    where F is the law of X. This may be somewhat abstract so if you are working over the reals and have a pdf f_X then
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